American police officer threatens Pakistani taxi driver to take everything away from him

American Police

A D.C police officer threatened a Pakistan origin driver in U.S saying “I will take everything away from you” during a traffic stop, on the morning of Friday 11th November in Northwest Washington.

David Gregory, a prominent journalist and political commentator on CNN reported to authorities that he himself heard the officer saying this to his driver, “I will take everything away from you.” Gregory also said that his driver later told him that the Police man also said, “I will take your head off.”

David Gregory posted the incident on his twitter feed which got a lot of response from significant people all across.

The reporter later received calls from the mayor’s office and a top police official, who showed concern over the incident and expressed their regrets to the driver.

The office of Mayor Muriel E Bowser responded in a statement saying:

The incident described on social media does not illustrate who we are as a city or how we carry ourselves when serving residents and members of the public. The police have already made contact to understand what transpired and will review the matter.

The police have spoken to the driver but the driver declined to be interviewed by the police.

The incident occurred after Gregory had finished CNN’s morning show, “New Day,” and was returning home when his driver, who works for a company used by CNN on contract, passed a line of buses on New York Avenue.

Gregory said the driver thought the buses were parked, but they were waiting for a light. The D.C. officer driving pulled over his driver for crossing the double-yellow line but did not issue a citation.

Gregory said he didn’t know whether the alleged comments were directed at his driver’s ethnicity or were made out of anger for the traffic violation but he couldn’t remain silent as he found the comments to be, “striking and disturbing”.

The incident occurred days after the election of Donald Trump, and is thought to be an after effect of Trump threatening to deport immigrants and banning Muslims. It appears that Trump’s election has given his supporters a free hand to target minorities whenever possible.

At the incident Gregory commented:

I have the greatest respect for the police officers in our city and the job they do day in and day out, but we are in a highly charged atmosphere. I’m somebody who is immersed in covering and analyzing our political discourse in our country. Citizens have an obligation to look after each other. That is the reason I wanted to raise this.

Gregory also commented that the driver should be cited for the traffic violation but the comments made by the police officer were out-of-bounds. District officials say they are trying to identify the police officer.

A lot of Americans called this a fabricated lie, just like a lot of other incidents reported every day, all around America since the election of Donald Trump.