Kiwi couple fascinated by enchanting beauty and scenic landscapes of Pakistan


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Awestruck by the indigenous beauty of Swat, power couple Stephen Hogg and Celia Neilson said Swat is nothing less than heaven.

The couple arrived in Swat after passing 10 other countries, they started their journey on a motorcycle and passed different terrains admiring the uniqueness of nature in every part of the world. In a 10 month long journey they passed through  Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, India and Nepal.

Originally belonging from New Zealand, Hogg was always very excited about the idea of a road trip. Arriving in Pakistan proved to be a real treat for the couple as they enjoyed the hospitality and admired the view.

I was really amazed with the natural beauty of Swat and the lush green and scenic mountains of the valley, Celia Neilson

Despite cumbersome tracks and unknown territory, both of them discovered a particular affinity with the area.

Pakistan is a beautiful country and her people are polite and cooperative. We spent most of our time in Pakistan

The journey to Swat urged them to explore further areas, they visited Hunza, Chitral and Shandur. All the areas had something new to offer whether it was the cultural diversity, the scrumptious food or the comfortable atmosphere. Thee trip allowed them to shed away all negative perceptions as they found nothing else but love.

The only down point proved to be the ever so famous police of Pakistan who tried to create some mess and misbehaved with the couple as well after they entered Swat. Though the people of the valley were really friendly, it was the attitude of the uniformed personnel which disappointed them. They should have some regard for their guests.

It is a welcoming fact that foreigners are now getting a flavor of the real Swat which is all about love, beauty and admiration. For a long time the valley has been engulfed by clouds of terror but after a rigorous effort of the government and the army, the valley finally witnessed time of tranquility.