A woman in Islamabad sues veterinary doctor for Rs. 2.5 crore over her cat’s death



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A veterinary doctor in Islamabad was sued for a colossal amount of Rs. 2.5 crore after the death of a cat who was admitted in his hospital a day earlier.

The owner of the cat Ms. Sundus Haroon accused the veterinary Dr. Khan, for her cat’s death and held him responsible for the negligence.

According to Haroon, she took her cat for routine checkup, the cat was admitted for one day on the doctor’s insistence. A day later when she collected her cat, the cat fell sick and died.

Later she took the cat to another vet and got to know the real reason for her cat’s death.

Another renowned veterinary Dr. Rana told her that the cat was exposed to unsuitable temperature which became the cause of death.

The doctor told me that the cat had been kept at a lower temperature, not suitable for mammals. This is why my cat died,” said Haroon.

Unlike other cases, the owner of the cat did not take this matter lightly and sued the doctor for the apparent negligence. She filed a case in court and also insisted on locking the vet behind bars.

She also appealed to the Pakistan Veterinary council to look into the matter and install CCTV cameras in these clinics. Most of the clinics continue to mistreat animals because their is no check and balance.

A lawyer by profession, Ms.Haroon made sure that no stone remains un turned and is going ahead with legal proceeding against Mr. Khan and his team who took away the life of her cat.

Though the matter might seem trivial to many, it is indeed unfortunate that animals are continued to be mistreated by a large majority. Reasons behind such attitudes remain unawareness and lack of empathy.

The Pakistan Veterinary council needs to make effective policies on national level to ensure safety of animals and generate awareness among masses regarding animal care.