German Envoy: Pakistan has huge pool of talented and intelligent people

Germany and Pakistan


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German ambassador to Pakistan Ms Ina Lepel expressed her views on the potential of Pakistani youth in Geo TV’s program Geo Pakistan.

The world’s economy is transforming into a knowledge economy, therefore the prospect of research and innovation has increased in a robust manner. She urged Pakistani students to apply for international scholarships and research based programs for a brighter future.

She acknowledged the fact that educational system in Pakistan needs restructuring, though students have the brains and talent yet it is time for them to acquire the right opportunities. Basic problem in Pakistan remains the low enrollment rate and kids dropping out from school at a very young age.

If adequate chances are given to the youngsters, they will be able to deal with adverse situations and create further employment opportunities. Exposure to international universities will prove fruitful, countries like USA, Germany and UK host a wide pool of international students. This trend should continue.

On this occasion Syed Abidi, prominent educationist and career counselor highlighted some pertinent opportunities in various fields.

Germany has top notch universities scattered throughout the country, with options to study in Munich, Berlin and 37 other countries.

This vast network of educational hubs has created innumerable opportunities both for locals and foreigners. For Pakistan to achieve the pinnacle of success it is vital for Pakistan to establish a strong educational base and provide better educational facilities at primary and secondary level.

Presently more than half of the students aged below 10 are not enrolled in school, these figures are not only alarming but disappointing as well for a country whose 50 percent of population is youth. Rampant steps need to be taken by the government in this regard.