Pakistan and China to establish a joint counter-terrorism command system



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Joint military exercises were held between Chinese and Pakistani forces in order to strengthen both sides and increase cooperation to fight terrorism in the region. The exercises were held at the border region and commandos from the special task force participated in the activity. However, specific area was not mentioned. The mock exercise involved door to door search, vehicle charging, street battles and coping with terrorists. Fake raids were stimulated to test the ability of the forces.

Zhang Booming, a senior officer with the Chinese special forces said that in-depth discussions were held between both the military forces for the successful implementation of the mock drill. Planning ensured that the entire process is completed swiftly.

He further informed about the detail discussion regarding the formation of a counter-terrorism command system which would enhance the abilities of the soldiers and allow them to deal with crisis situations in a better manner.

The exercise not only proved fruitful for military purposes but also allowed both the countries to ameliorate cooperation and devise a strong system to counter terrorism at any front.

He appreciated the Pakistani forces for their valiant outlook and commended the forces for fighting with terrorists and combating all enemies boldly. He said that the soldiers have fought a long battle with insurgent groups thus they have vast amount of experience for such drills. The Chinese forces learnt a lot from these military exercises.

While economic cooperation between both the countries is already on a rise after the initiation of CPEC, it is encouraging to see strong communication between the military of both the countries.

Pakistan is already participating in the China-led Quadrilateral Cooperation and Coordination Mechanism which also includes Afghanistan and Tajikistan to counter terrorism in their border regions.

Bilateral relations between both the countries have evolved over time with China emerging as a potential ally for Pakistan. While the recent developments have greatly benefited both the countries, the growing friendship between Pakistan and China has also alarmed some countries to a great extent particularly India.