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Canadian food chain ‘Paramount’ all set to open at 30 locations across Pakistan

Paramount Fine Food


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Pakistan’s love for food is not a secret, we cherish and celebrate food thus the news of the profoundly successful Canada-based International Middle Eastern Restaurant, Paramount Fine Food coming to Pakistan surely serves as a treat for Pakistanis.

The Halal eatery has already over 51 branches sprawling all over the world, including 38 in Ontario and 13 in Edmonton, Florida, New York, Beirut, and Dubai. Their headquarter is in Mississauga and they are rapidly penetrating into the international markets, now planning to open outlets in Pakistan and England.

Offering a diverse range of Lebanese food items, Paramount Fine Foods has gained immense popularity over the years because of their unique menu and irresistible taste.

In three weeks, the CEO of Paramount Fine Food, Mohamad Fakih, will be coming to Pakistan to launch their first outlet in Karachi. This will also be their first outlet in South Asian region. Speaking to the media, Mr. Fakih expressed his delight and satisfaction.

I’m so excited,” said Fakih. “I feel opening in Pakistan is a celebration of the relationship between Paramount and the Pakistani community in Canada.

Mr. Fakih has lots of plans for the future as he wishes to extend the network into more cities and target audiences of different ethnic backgrounds, he wants his food to unite people and cultures.

Imagine we are selling shawarma in Beirut, that’s the proof that the quality presented to Canadians is great and work even in Lebanon,” said Fakih.

No matter what the nationality or ethnicity of a person maybe, good food always leave a long lasting impact. This is the motto of Paramount Fine Food as well, to offer the best taste, giving them an edge.

Next year in March, the eatery will open up three new stores in London, Mr. Fakih is extremely excited over the prospect of his spreading his business internationally.

I’m very proud to take a brand from Mississauga to the world. Usually, it’s the opposite. People bring brands here and compete against us in the retail business. For us as a Canadian company started by an immigrant who came here with nothing, now going with global dreams… it’s just amazing and exciting.

Despite the fact that Paramount Fine Food will soon be entering Pakistan, Mr. Fakih did face the same questions which a lot of investors face before coming to Pakistan i.e.  “Is it safe to invest in Pakistan?”

Mr Faikh shrugged of all such apprehensions and said he was confident over his decision.

I understand that Pakistan could be dangerous to some people, but we come from the same type of world. When I go to visit my family in Lebanon, it is not dangerous. It’s the media that shows the very ugly picture. In reality it’s completely opposite,” said Fakih.

It seems Paramount Food is ready to clear all obstacles and deliver the best food to the enthusiastic food loving nation!