This female Pakistani singer has sung in 22 different languages

Nazia Amin Mohammad


4 minutes read

Hailing from Karachi, Nazia Amin has hit the spotlight following her rendition of a Malayalam song ‘Malare’ from a blockbuster movie Premam. In the wake of the recent events between the two countries, this effort to gel the people of the two countries by the young singer is being appreciated from across the border. Surprisingly, Malayalam is not the first language she has opted to sing – she has already sung in 22 different languages. While the number of languages she can speak is an achievement in itself, however, the purpose of this tribute is much more elevated than the languages she has sung in.

In an interview with Yum to Yikes, Nazia told about the languages she has sung in. The languages included Urdu, Hindi, English, Sindhi, Balochi, Malayalam, Punjabi, Pashto, Hindko, Saraiki, Gujarati, Kacchhi, Persian, Arabic, Khowar, Shina, Burushaski,Swahili and a few more. She also said:

Love has no boundaries….God did not draw borders, but we did. Love belongs to God, hence we cannot limit it. I pray for peace between India and Pakistan and also for all the countries worldwide.

She was very surprised by the fact that her efforts were lapped up the Indian media and the general public, however, Pakistani media hasn’t paid much heed to her works. She said:

I am surprised by a fact that India kept on publishing same on more than 100 platforms but in Pakistan, just Daily Pakistan posted. Maybe because emphasis is on political parties.

Nazia is a business development executive and a passionate singer. She has dedicated this song to her Malayalee friends in India, as a result of which, her video is breaking the internet with special recognition from Indian nationals. Her video, which was posted by her friend, got a significant number of likes, shares and comments particularly from across the border. She apologized in advance for her mistakes, if any, while singing. In the video she posted, she said before singing:

Since I have met so many friends from Kerala, India and Dubai, it’s my wish to dedicate a Malayali song for you people.

Despite making some mistakes regarding the lyrics and the language – she laughed innocently at her own mistakes, Nazia won the hearts of so many people and no wonder her song is being lauded big time. The innocence with which she sang made the song more special. This effort to bond the people of two countries through music has come at a time when there’s been so much fuss about the artistic freedom, especially in India.

Born to an Indian mother, Nazia wants peace between the neighbors and this is a small effort from her side to strengthen the lately weakening relationships. A few days back, Karan Johar, a renowned filmmaker and director was facing difficult times due to the cast of Fawad Khan in his film ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’. While the governments are busy separating the two nations, Nazia is defusing hate between the people of two countries with her magical voice.