UAE’s first all-Pakistani schools conference highlights talented students

Pakistan Auditorium in Dubai


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The Pakistan Auditorium in Dubai, UAE will be hosting a first of its kind, an all-Pakistan schools conference today i.e. 29th October, 2016. The conference aims to bring forward young enthusiastic students from 10 different Pakistani-Emirati schools, who will present their ideas, presentations and projects on different topics.

Pakistan Association Dubai’s Pakistan Youth Forum has taken this initiative to highlight the talent and the know-how of brilliant Pakistani students currently enrolled in Pakistani schools in the UAE. The students will be able to present their views about three paramount global issues including climate change, access to clean water and food wastage.

The students will speak their mind through posters, presentations and panel discussions which will be attended by several influential people from the UAE as well as Pakistan. Khalid Al Ameri who is a prominent journalist in the UAE and also a motivational speaker will grace the event with his presence.

WWF Pakistan’s CEO and Director General, Hammad Naqi Khan has also consented to be there for the occasion. He will be the part of honourable jury and will also be expressing his thoughts on the widespread global challenges and their implications on environment. He will be speaking with the young aspiring environmentalists to contribute towards a better sustainable future particularly in terms of environmental issues.

UAE has always made efforts to bring forth the people who are inclined towards solving global problems particularly related to environment. PYF-PAD is looking to extend this practice to the Pakistani youth especially the students. The efforts being made by the Pakistan Youth Forum are significant in spreading the awareness among the younger generation in the UAE.

Furthermore, PYF-PAD intends to host the conference every year to continue the good work and embolden the young Pakistani students to come up with innovative ideas and solutions to counter various challenges faced by the UAE and the entire world. PYF has also taken several other initiatives as well, the most prominent of which is the Shukran initiative, which aims to thank the working community of the UAE for their continued efforts.