This innocent student of IBA beaten up by the Rangers demands justice

Pakistan Rangers


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A young bright student of Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Amar Latif Qazi, calls for justice after getting beaten up by Karachi Ranger Police for no good reason. On 24th October, this student was headed to attend his class at IBA when he faced a severe traffic jam because of

a horizontally parked rangers mobile on Shahrah-e-Faisal.

Said Amar in his Facebook post. To generate a proof of his late attendance in class, he took a picture of the rangers mobile to show it to his teacher for justification.

Amar alleges that the picture immediately incited the rangers who physically assaulted him in their rage.

A ranger’s official, upon witnessing this, rushed to my car immediately grabbed me and started pulling at me. He dragged me out of the car and snatched my mobile from me,

Said Amar. He narrated the whole incident on social media, how the rangers mistreated him.

More ranger’s personnel gathered around and without any justification, they proceeded to kick and shove me, with their guns pointed at me.

Added the young student. He claims that the rangers did not stop with their brutal thumping even after he deleted the picture.

They continued to strangle my throat, punch me, kick me, shove me and hit me with their gun butts. Even after deleting the picture, they refused to let me go.

Amar states that his misery did not end there. He was taken to the main headquarters where he was investigated by a senior officer. Assessing the situation, the officer gave orders to let him go. Explaining the unjust nature of the acts, Amar said

The way they left me untried in a hurry was a proof of my innocence and their unjustified torture over me. If the officer had perceived any threat or any wrongdoing on my part, he definitely would have not freed me.

The body of this student aches in pain. He suffered from thrashing, pounding and strangulation which left him in physical pain.

I sustained a bleeding wound injury on my forehead, possibly from a gun butt. Besides that, there were injuries to my back, knee, leg, and internally bleeding bruises on my arms and shoulders.

Amar upholds a civilized reaction to this event saying that he acknowledges the fruitful efforts of rangers in Karachi for maintaining law and order and just like every reasonable Pakistani citizen, he venerates the struggles of all Pakistani Security forces. However, none of those things grant them the

right to treat a Pakistani citizen in this humiliatingly inhumane and animalistic way.

Amar demands justice for this act of exploitation. Rangers have misused their powers and broken a moral and legal conduct. He calls for a fair legal action to be taken against this brutality and many others like this.

I hope that the top officials of these security forces will investigate this matter, and take notice of this and other such incidents of civilians being mistreated by some personnel… Civilians do not pay for their heavy budget so they can boss around and exploit ordinary citizens, where institutions made for our safety become a threat to us.