IGP Islamabad: Shame on all those who shared the video clips of mentally sick nude girl

Tariq Masood Yasin, IG Islamabad Police


4 minutes read

Recently, a mentally unstable young woman undressed herself publicly and irresponsible citizens videotaped her condition. On 13th October, a middle aged, 30 above, woman visited Islamabad to apply for a visa to France. At the time of arrival, she was mentally challenged. She would undergo fits from time to time. During her fits, she loses all social and analytical skills.

During her visit to Islamabad, she experienced another fit which caused her to lose all senses. In her mental illness, she started wandering around from place to place. She was found at the adjacent road leading to Murree where she got herself undressed.

Her situation worsened after that when she started chasing the cars, throwing nearby objects and plastic cones and hitting the cars with them.

A crowd gathered around the woman, filming her on camera. As apparent as it was that the woman is mentally unstable and her condition is a mere result of her illness, the people around her were uneducated and limited in their mental capacity as well since they did not bother to help the poor woman and protect her modesty. Instead, they chose to entertain themselves with her illness.

Addressing the issue, Inspector General of Police (IGP) Islamabad quoted a quranic verse about keeping covering the faults of others saying

Allah Swt ne Quran Kareem mai aur Rasool Allah saw ne Hadees mai dosron ke Razon ki Parda poshi ka hukam dia hai. Allah Swt farmata hai jo dorson ki Parda Poshi karta hai mai Qiyamat ke din us ki Parda Poshi kron ga

Translation: ÔÇťAllah, in the holy Quran and Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) in hadees have mentioned to cover up the secrets of others. Allah says that whosoever conceals (the faults) of others, He (Allah) will conceal him (his wrong doings) at the day of judgement.

He then expressed his anger over the immoral behavior of people saying

This can happen to any one of us and any of our lady with mental disorder can go public and how will it be then to us; please stop sharing these clips and just delete where ever received.

He insisted that people should gain some sense and stop with this nuisance.

Share this message with all; it may avoid further embarrassment to her family and friends.

Once the situation was noted, only the police came forward to help the woman. They covered her with clothing and shifted her to the nearest woman Police Station where she was cared for.

It was your police who did its best to cover her and even a news did not go to media so that the family is not embarrassed but I am sorry for all those who uploaded these images and have brought unimaginable insult to the concerned families. Shame on all of us who are sharing it again and again.

After investigating her, the police then called her family to take care of her.

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