PTI launched an online campaign on Indiegogo to fund movement against corruption

Imran Khan


4 minutes read

No matter how optimist or nationalist or patriot one tries to be, the fact cannot be denied that the present state of affairs in Pakistan is deplorable. It convoluted, its distressing and it is constantly falling. People are desperate to find a leader who can magically transform the situation and bring some ray of hope.

Not for all but for many, it is Imran Khan. The 63-year-old cricketer turned politician is a glimmer of hope for all those who foresee a corruption free Pakistan. Imran Khan has constantly maintained a strong ground on issues of corruption and injustice. To further strengthen his cause, he has now started an online movement.

The campaign has been initiated on Indiegogo, Khan has pledged his members to donate at least Rs. 100 for the campaign against corruption. He urged people to support the campaign because corruption is is like a life threatening disease which is slowly strengthening it’s roots in our society.

He emphasized civil society members to come out and play a part in changing their country for a better tomorrow. The donations are required to provide support to the campaign and each donation will play a substantial role in elevating the campaign to enhanced level. The campaign reads follows:-

The final countdown begins against Corruption. Many leaders came, promised accountability but ended up looting the country themselves. Today, Pakistan- a highly intelligent country- with a massive asset in its youth population and its expats stands at the brink of descending into chaos. Daily, more people go hungry, more children are suffering from malnutrition, millions of children are growing up on the streets without ever seeing the inside of a school, and millions are deprived of the basics of healthcare and equality in the justice system even. The one leader who stands alone for accountability in our era is Imran Khan. He is not going to back down because he knows that his team, an awakened Pakistani nation stands with him against everyone who is destroying our country through corruption. The lines are clearly drawn; either you are with the corrupt system or you are against it; If you are with Kaptaan, do show him the support by donating for this final movement against Corruption.

For over 63 years Pakistan has suffered because of corrupt politicians and leadership resulting in the destruction of the national economy. The sole sufferers of this devastation are the Pakistani citizen who are forced to bear the repercussions.

Support to the campaign is termed as crucial by Khan who believes that this is the only way to get rid of this menace.

Social media is already abuzz with the “corruption free Pakistan” campaign.¬†Khan has chosen a unique platform for the new campaign as his team has now ventured into Indiegogo. It is the world’s largest crowdfunding website with it’s mission to empower people and unite ideas. It is recognized as an excellent platform for gathering masses and collecting support for various causes.

As the campaign is being promoted in full swing, it will be interesting to note whether it will actually bring a substantial change or will just wither away with time like movements in the past died.

Visit the donation page here.