New York Univeristy postpones the speech of Ex-President Musharraf due to security concerns



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Tensions between Pakistan and India are not just confined to the subcontinent but they have also taken the entire world by storm. It has become a hot topic for every news channel and has been under discussion all around the globe.

‘India and Pakistan: A Sub continental Affair’, a student-organized event, was supposed to take place this Friday in NYU is postponed due to security reasons. Former Pakistani President Pervaiz Musharraf was invited as a guest speaker and was supposed to make a speech at the event.

The former Army General was already in the city but the event was called off. An email stating the deferment of the event was sent by the institute’s administration to the students. The reason behind this postponement was the lack of security arrangements for the guest speaker in the allotted time.

The administration told the NYU local that they had to delay the event, because the students wanted it to take place on Friday but it wasn’t possible to arrange stringent security for the guest speakers. They also said that they appreciated the efforts of the student to make it possible this very week and support their motives behind it. John Beckman, vice president of student affairs told the NYU local,

Let me be clear: speaking generally, the University has no problem hosting this event, and in fact, we made every effort to try to make it happen this week. Moreover, it wasn’t really clear till this week that the students were proposing having a former president of Pakistan as a speaker. That’s simply not the kind of event that gets put together on 48 hours notice. We respect and appreciate that the students were trying to put on a valuable and worthwhile event. And we look to working with them to have it come off successfully in the future.

The student event planners also agreed with the administration but were persistent on making the event possible in the near future. The event was supposed to have NYU undergraduates from both India and Pakistan to engage in a debate over the current situation of Kashmir. One of the event planner, Sudhanshu Kausik said,

There were security risks involved that we didn’t have preparation for, NYU has assured us that they will collectively work with us to make this event possible in a timely manner.

This is the second time that a political event has been postponed by the NYU over security concerns. Before this event, a speech by Milo Yiannopoulos, an entrepreneur and a tech editor was cancelled due to the same security issues. Milo has been in the news for his comments on feminists, Muslims and Black Lives Matter activists.

The NYU administration faced a lot of backlash by the NYU Republican community. The NYU Libertarians respected the college’s decision but wanted a chance to challenge Milo so that debates like this could allow healthy discussion on such conflicts.