This guy entertains visitor at Centaurus Mall with his mesmerizing voice

Centaurus Islamabad


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Pakistan is a country blessed with abundant raw talent, whether it is in the field of cricket, music or arts. The country has produced some unfathomable stars who literally started from the streets and eventually reached the pinnacle of success.

With the rising power of media, it is now much easier to identify talent. The discovery of the Justin Bieber girls or now the ever so famous chai wala aka Arshad Hussain, all owe their over night success to social media. Adding on to this list is one of the most recent sensation on internet, Tahir Khalid.

Tahir Khalid, a young budding musician works at a music store in Centaurus Mall, Islamabad entertains visitors and customers with his mesmerizing melodious voice as seen in the video shared by Rabia Chaudry. Humming on to the tunes of qawwali sung by the maestro, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Khalid’s voice takes you into trance of its own.

Owing to Khalid’s great voice, people now get to enjoy free music sessions at Centaurus and a large crowd is always gathered around to listen to their favorite tunes.

Khalid’s video has gained a lot of popularity on YouTube as people continue to appreciate his raw talent. This is not the first time that a person’s talent is being recognized by social media. In the past as well, many people became social media sensations because of their unique attributes.

Another Pakistani Tahir Zaman, a street fruit seller, became an instant hit as his video emerged on the internet in which he sang a popular Indian song. Over 73,000 people viewed the video on YouTube. Soon he was invited to Mazaq Raat, a popular late night show on Dunya TV, where Zaman showed his singing prowess. TV channels invited the fruit seller on various programs to show case his talent.

The Justin Bieber girls were discovered in the same way as well, their video became viral on the internet and soon they rose to another level of stardom. Starting from nowhere, the Bieber girls ultimately made their mark as people were enthralled by their talent.

While the talent may be present in abundance, it is important to decide how can we give a direction to this talent. Will they just be social media sensations for a few weeks and then die away or can we actually setup an industry where such gifted people are integrated and made a permanent part on a long term basis? The entertainment industry needs to focus on this aspect if it intends to out shine the neighboring country’s industry.