American Embassy in Islamabad constantly delaying visa for ailing 6 years old girl

American Embassy in Islamabad


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Maria, a six-year-old girl, suffering from a rare genetic disorder known as Morquio Syndrome does not have time. Soon she will be unable to walk because her vertebra is compressing her spinal cord, only a surgery can reduce her difficulties yet the US embassy is unable to understand the delicate situation.

The US embassy has told the father of the ailing girl that “it will take time”, ironically Maria does not have time. A frustrated and desperate father has tried all possible remedies in order to save his daughter’s life.

Shahid Ullah, a father of the 6-year-old and a local resident of Islamabad, has now contacted an American lawyer. He has also resorted to Facebook and media to start a campaign for her daughter.

A US hospital has already agreed for a free of cost surgery, it is scheduled to be held on 2nd November but the embassy is not issuing the visa to the family. They fear that the family might take use of the situation and settle in America, not returning back to Pakistan. To eliminate this fear ShahidUllah has now just applied for Maria, himself and his wife leaving behind his two children who are under 7 years old with his relatives. Shahid Ullah said

I don’t know what to do… who should I contact. Maria is in a lot of pain now… she can no longer hold a pencil or a pen.

He said that he has faced many hardships to finally find a hospital who can fund Maria’s treatment, any delay now can prove to be lethal. He started his efforts four years ago, researching her daughter’s condition, send blood and urine sample to India and Germany, contacting people all around the world to get some clue.

Through the internet he tracked down doctors who had expertise in the disease, he also contacted families with children suffering from the same disorder. Finally Nemours/Alfred I DuPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington, Delaware offered assistance. Any further delay in the procedure will have serious repercussions, over time she can develop heart disease and lose the ability to walk as well. Only 6 days are left before her scheduled surgery takes place, however, the embassy is not taking any prompt action, threatening the life of the 6 years old.

The US embassy has refrained from issuing any statement on the case, in the case of any negligence the dole sufferers will be the poor parents who are desperately trying to save the life of their daughter.