Two brothers who were hanged two years ago set free by Supreme Court

Supreme Court of Pakistan


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Supreme Court exonerates two brothers accused of murder, who were hanged to death last year at district jail, Bahawalpur. The two brothers Ghulam Qadir and Ghulam Sarwar were accused of killing a resident of village Sadiqabad namely Abdul-Qadir and his son Akmal. They were accused to have committed the crime with a complete gang on 2nd February 2002. They were also accused of killing the daughter Salma. The entire felony was committed in the jurisdiction of Police Sation, Sadar Sadiqabad, district Rahim Yar Khan.

The police claimed to arrest 9 accused men. 6 of them were set free by the judiciary while an accused Ghulam Farid was charged with lifetime sentence twice.

Ghulam Qadir and Ghulam Sarwar were charged with 3 times death sentence. Lahore High Court, Bahawalpur bench stood with the decision of death of the brothers as well.

On 10th June 2010, in response to an appeal against the decision of High Court, Justice Raja Fiaz Ahmed and Justice Tariq Pervaiz retained the decision of death sentence over the murder of Abdul Qadir and his son Akamal.

However, in the murder case of Salma, the appeal was accepted for formal hearing by the Supreme Court and then the hearing was postponed.

The Supreme Court forwarded the copy of decision to the High Court, Interior Ministry and Interior Punjab Department. The hearing was conducted on 6th October by the full bench under the supervision of Justice Asif Saeed Khokhar.

The session pointed out that witness no. 7 was registered as an eye witness but it was stated in court that Abdul Qadir and his son were already dead when the witness got to the crime scene. The court questioned how two people can be convicted of murder on the basis of evidence which was also used to set free 6 other accused men.

Supreme Court exonerated the two brothers of all three accused murders. After the acquittal by Supreme Court, the jail authorities were concerned. District Jail, Rahim Yar Khan reported that the brothers were transferred to Bahawalpur Jail in 2013.

Secretary at Bahawalpur Jail, Zahoor, informed that the two accused brothers were hanged to death on 13th October 2015. Superintendent at District Jail Rahim Yar Khan, Syed Anjum Shah, confirmed the death penalty of Ghulam Qadir and Ghulam Sarwar.

Lawyer of the accused brothers, Aftab Khan, aims to file a petition in Supreme Court in this regard. He is perplexed that how was the death sentence executed when the 2010 notice of court was forwarded to all concerned authorities.

This is not the first time in Pakistan when cases were dragged over the years and the accused died years before they were exonerated. Many names like Ghulam Qadir and Ghulam Sarwar are still seeking justice.