On duty security personnel slaps a female reporter after she humiliated him in public



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Yesterday a female journalist, Saima Kanwal, was slapped by an on duty Sindh police officer after she abused him of mistreating women. Saima Kanwal, a journalists and a reporter for a private TV channel, K-21, was performing a live program about the issues and problems faced by citizens at National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) registration offices.

She was particularly focusing on the problems faced by women at the office. She revealed how women were ill-treated and harassed at NADRA office in the Nazimabad area in Karachi. The female anchor pointed fingers towards the security guard on duty accusing him of pestering and harassing women there. She pushed, yelled and abused the security guard.

Are you not ashamed of harassing women? Are you here to insult people?

She said to the security guard among so many other questions. Having provoked by the public humiliation, the security guard got furious and slapped the reporter.

The entire thing was taped and later posted on social media causing a frenzy of rage across the country.
Arguments rose over the issue. Some criticized the behavior and unprofessionalism of the journalist calling it in appropriate, while others debated that no person, whether in police or not, has no right to physically hurt the other one.

An unconfirmed source states that the police officer was from the troops of Frontier Constabulary (FC) and was currently deployed as security guard at NADRA office.

Well, he is a soldier (Lance Naik) from Frontier Constabulary, which is a paramilitary force like Rangers.

They further detangled the issue saying that the anchor’s tone and words were enflaming but no reason is good enough to justify the act of the police officer.

The way the anchor was provoking him by making a film for her channel was not prudent at all. The channels should follow a strict Code of Conduct. The soldier will definitely be expelled. He may also get a Rigorous Imprisonment. He shouldn’t have lost his patience.

The incident speaks volumes about the law and order situation in Pakistan. Speaking on the issue, Chairperson Standing Committee on Labour and Human Resources, Syed Khalid Ahmed of MQM, tweeted

Slap is not on the face of #SaimaKanwal rather on the face of Law, Justice, equality, norms, morality & off course soft image of #Pakistan

The news went viral on social media and is even covered by Indian news channels. However Pakistani media has shed no light on the issue. Former Editor Digital The Express Tribune Life & Style, Hassan Choudary, expressed his sentiments as

Female reporter of K21 news channel slapped by security officer at a Nadra Center in Karachi. No coverage on the “big” TV channels

The police authorities have taken notice of the issue. Senior Superintendent Police (SSP) Central Muqadas Hyder spoke to a private TV channel

Gulbahar police have registered a case against the FC personnel over charges of conducting aerial firing and assaulting modesty of the female reporter of K-21 TV channel by slapping her. Police have approached the FC authorities for seeking custody of the guard.

He further added that while the guard may be in trouble, NADRA officials had also submitted a First Information Report (FIR) against the TV channel employee for creating “hindrances in official work”.