Americans are going crazy over a 23 years old letter shared by a Pakistani girl on Twitter

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump


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The presidential election in America are scheduled to be held in November, both the presidential candidates, Hiliary Clinton and Donald Trump are busy fighting a fierce war of words where they not only attack each other but make sure to reduce each other to shreds.

After the final presidential debate, it seems obvious that politics over the years has become ugly and distasteful. Politicians have morphed into ravenous wolves and do not pay any heed to class or dignity. For them, the game is all about winning but sadly this was not always the case at least not twenty years ago.

A letter shared by Saba Gul, a fashion designer, and MIT graduate has recently gone viral on twitter. It’s a letter written by H. W. Bush to the incoming President at that time, Bill Clinton. The letter is not only personal, heartfelt and encouraging but it also reflects the presence of values which unfortunately are quickly diminishing today.


The letter received an immense response from the American public, many got emotional as well. While a majority cherished the beauty of the letter, people did not refrain from expressing their dissatisfaction over the politicians’ behavior in the modern times. Steve King from San Francisco said

This is awesome, How sad to think the perception of political rivalry has become the reality of it, we a revival of respect.

Diane Belanger also tweeted something similar as she said,

They were opponents, not pals at that time. That’s the beauty of it

Some tweets were quite intriguing as well as one lady tweeted, I can only imagine the letter Obama will write if Trump is the president!

A flood of tweets was shared on the same issue as it soon became a popular issue and news agencies such as Fox news shared it as well.

Gul, who originally belongs to Pakistan and shared the letter on twitter said that her post is receiving such massive response because people are actually disappointed with today’s sad state of affairs and depreciating political scenario.

The letter is a true piece of advice from one President to another President, where he has acknowledged the plethora of feelings one feel while entering into this unknown, unexplored domain. How the feelings of amazement, elation, and thrill engulf a person who is supposed to become the President.

It articulates the toughness of the job, the responsibility attached to the position and the pressure one faces while being on such a dominant position.

Though the time when the letter was written might be long gone, over 20 years have passed yet one cannot shy away from the fact that politics was not all about winning. It was way beyond, the materialism and selfishness which has penetrated into the political system today has not only devalued the system but has made people lose their trust and respect as well.

The results of the Presidential election might not be known for another month but one thing is for sure that saying ill about your opponents might not win you a lot of hearts, respecting others will surely help you earn a better position in the minds of others.