Pakistan Army wins Gold Medal at Cambrian Patrol exercises while defeating 120 countries

Pakistan Army


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The brave soldiers of Pakistan Army brought home another Gold Medal by winning at Cambrian Patrol exercises. Cambrian Patrol exercises include world’s toughest exercises and challenges. Every year, this international event is held among the top armed forces of countries.

The Cambrian Patrol is a group of exercises and routines designed to test and dare the operational competence of armed forces around the globe.

Started in 1959, Cambrian Patrol was first set up by a group of Welsh Territorial Army soldiers who planned a training event to feature long distance marching over the Cambrian Mountains and closing in a shooting match on the Sennybridge training area. Since then, the exercise are meticulously updated every year to meet the challenges faced by modern soldiers and keep up with the quality of exercises.

Cambrian Patrol is not seen as a competition but rather a test of valor, mental courage, strategic planning and stamina of armed forces. They jot their goals as

The aim of The Cambrian Patrol is to provide a challenging patrols exercise in order to enhance operational capability.

Cambrian Patrol exercise is an annual international military exercise which includes patrolling of 50-mile (80 km) track in less than 48 hours by the participating units and performing various types of physical and mental military exercises planned throughout the bleak Cambrian Mountains and marsh lands of mid-Wales.

This year armed forces of more than 120 countries participated in the exercise. The exercises were held at United Kingdom.

Top armed forces from countries like United States, United Kingdom, India and France participated in the event. Pakistan Army competed and scored maximum points over all other countries, winning their country Pakistan a Gold Medal.

Welsh Army announced the news over twitter and congratulated Pakistan Army for completing one of the world’s most prestigious patrolling exercise and emerging as a champion.

And top marks again for Pakistan. Year after year they deliver a polished performance. Another hard-earned gold medal. #CambrianPatrol

This is not the first time Pakistan army had proved itself in Cambrian Patrol. Last year Pakistan shared the Gold Medal with the team from New Zealand. Pakistan also scored the highest in the 2010 exercises.

Cambrian Patrol exercise is open to all regular, reserve and international teams. The exercise routine is one of the most reputed and prestigious military events in the world. It is a hardcore test to judge the leadership, field craft, self-restraint and both mental and physical sturdiness of competing teams.

Every patrol exercise is established with a basic framework which usually includes teams having to pass through the enemy terrain and network with friendly and offending civilians or militant groups.

The patrolling teams are tested and judged on account of everything they encounter on the track before reaching the finishing point.

The valiant Pakistan Army showed physical and mental strength to the world through this competition and proves its worth in international community. Cambrian Patrol exercises from different categories are to be held till 5 November and the entire nation is hopeful for their results as well.