UK applauds Pakistan’s sacrifices while rejecting a petition by Indians

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United Kingdom appreciated the efforts of Pakistan against terrorism in response to a petition by Indians to condemn Pakistan. A petition titled ‘UK Govt. to strongly condemn Pakistan for providing safe haven for terrorists’ was filed on the official UK government and parliament website by an Indian national Naman Paropkari.

The petition was filed at the end of September and aims to gather as much as 100,000 signatures before 29th March 2017. As per UK’s law, if the petition is signed by the requisite number of signatories, the petition will then be presented in Parliament, House of Commons for debate. The petition reads as:

Pakistan continues to double speak on issue of terrorism. It has aided and abetted enemies of the international coalition (of which Britain is a leading partner with the US) against terrorism. Osama Bin Laden’s hideout was in Pakistan. Pakistan continues to harbour UN sanctioned terror networks.

So far 19,436 signatures have been gathered. These signatures have essentially come from London and northern regions of England where typically most Indians live.

Days after UK Prime Minister Theresa May visited India, UK government made a statement in response to the petition to condemn Pakistan. The British government said that they value Pakistan’s “significant sacrifices” in the war against terrorism.

According to the response given by UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO),

Pakistan has made significant sacrifices in opposing terrorism. The UK has regularly raised with Pakistan the need to take consistent action against all terrorist groups operating within its borders.

The response read that Pakistan is giving its best to combat the terror in the region.

The UK regularly highlights to Pakistan, at the highest level, the importance of taking effective action against all terrorist groups operating in Pakistan, as Pakistan has committed to do.

UK government ensured that they acknowledge the efforts of Pakistan and are helping her with the cause as well.

We recognise the significant sacrifices that Pakistan and its people have made in combating terrorism. We are helping Pakistan develop its capacity to protect itself and prosecute those who plan and commit terrorist attacks.

British government gave this friendly response to the petition after China openly supported Pakistan. Just a day earlier, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Hua Chunying, gave a strong verdict when questioned about Indian Prime Minister Modi’s terming of Pakistan as a ‘mothership of terrorism’.

We are strongly against terrorism of all forms, maintaining that terrorism should not be linked to certain country, ethnic group and religion.

Said the Chinese delegate at BRICS Summit in Goa, protecting Pakistan against Indian allegations. Chunying’s strong statement clearly identified that China supports and applauds Pakistan’s sacrifices against terrorism.

The British government is following up with China, defending and appreciating Pakistan at international forums. The FCO also indicates that UK will potentially extend its support to improve the education and living condition in Pakistan, as it reads

Countering the terrorist and extremist threats in Pakistan also requires investment in the underlying issues that can contribute, such as improving the rule of law and education as well as tackling poverty. The UK is working to help address these issues including through our bilateral aid programme.