This female doctor put her life in danger to save countless lives during Quetta blast

Dr. Shehla Sami Kakar


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Meet the brave heart woman, Dr. Shehla Sami Kakar, who single-handedly treated all the injured patients during the recent Quetta attack. On 8 August 2016, terrorists attacked the Government Hospital in Quetta, Baluchistan. At the time, a large number of advocates had gathered in the hospital after Advocate Bilal Anwar Kasi, president of Balochistan Bar Association, was shot dead by an unknown gunman.

A suicide bomber exploded himself at the hospital causing a havoc everywhere. The unfortunate event in Baluchistan had led to the massacre of a lawyer in the Quetta.

As expected, after the attack, the hospital and Quetta vibe got uncomfortable and uncertain. Because of the political nature of the incident, not many people came forward to help the injured advocates. Instead of staying put and helping the victims, a large number of hospital staff ran away to escape the blast site.

Storming against the running crowd, the daring Dr. Shehla Sami Kakar managed to cut through the crowd and get in reach with the victims. She did not get petrified by the experience and stood up to her oath as a doctor to help the injured.

As soon as Dr. Shehla heard the blast, she left the Gynecology Department, immediately, and marched towards the emergency area, where the blast had taken place.

The blast was severe and left around 73 dead and 130 injured. The injured were crying for help. The entire ward was a mayhem. Dr Shehla describes it as

Bodies lay dead and scattered around the hospital premises.

Immediately after the attack she heard gunshots but did not stop helping the ones in need. The narrates terror as

At that time an automatic rifle fire had also been started with an imprudent manner. The immediate thought was that may be they [the ones firing guns] are the terrorists, who are accompanying the one who exploded himself so that the injured lawyers who are on the ground don’t survive.

Dr. Shehla was aware that going to the emergency ward means potentially killing her own self but the audacious woman did not stop. She rushed to the causality ward where bodies were rotting and the entire area smelled like poisonous toxins.

Dr. Shehla started healing the injured and providing first aid to the victims all by herself. No help from fellow doctors, staff, nurses or a common man.

Meanwhile, people stood there taking pictures from their cameras and filming the video of the ultimate chaos, not minding to help the injured lawyers and other victims.

The heroic doctor used every possible material she could find to save the injured. She used neckties, shirts and other clothing she could find to stop the bleeding.

As I walked deeper into the bomb site, the condition of the casualties appeared to worsen. Most of the staff had darted off, fearing for their lives. I took off the neckties of the injured and used them as bandages and tourniquets to staunch the profuse bleeding. Heads, torsos, and limbs were gushing blood. How many body parts could I possibly cover with neckties? I used whatever cloth was available — coats, shirts and the clothes of relatives of the injured — anything to stop the bleeding and save their lives.

Dr. Shehla stepped up and performed her duty when no one else did. She is a true champion and many lawyers and people owe their lives to the bravery and steadfastness of this woman.