Pakistani education activist Seema Aziz wins prestigious award in London

Seema Aziz


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Pakistan is one of the most densely populated country of the world yet millions are deprived of the fundamental right to acquire education. According to UNESCO Pakistan’s educational ranking is 160th. These staggering figures reflect a deplorable condition, though the situation is alarming yet it is pleasant to note that at least some people are making sincere efforts to improve the prevalent situation.

Seema Aziz, is the one lady army who has relentlessly worked to improve the conditions and took strong actions in order to ensure that each child is blessed with the gift of education.

Recognizing her diligent efforts, the government of United Kingdom gave her a prestigious award, this honor was presented to her by the Prime Minister of UK, Theresa May.

Aziz, as a young and successful entrepreneur, pursued her career in the textile business with outlets sprawling over in Middle East and Pakistan. However, after 1988, Aziz changed her plans.

The flood hitting Punjab had a great impact on Seema, she left a successful career in pursuit of a philanthropic cause and headed towards the devastated areas to help those in need. She was initially involved in providing food and shelter to the homeless.

During her stay in the villages of Punjab, she was appalled by the state of education in the area. Dozens of children had no access to school, leaving them devoid of a basic human necessity.

This gave rise to her new venture, the care school. A staunch believer of the fact that every child has right to education, she took bold steps to help the children of the village.

She was ridiculed and harassed by the community as most of the children who were enrolled in the school did not even have a home. Despite speculations, she continued to work with only one goal in mind.

Her perseverance and hard work paid off, when in 1988 the Punjab government appreciated her efforts and asked her to handle failing government schools operating in the suburbs of Lahore. Now the care foundation schools operate all over Punjab with 700 schools and over 200,000 children.

Internationally acclaimed Forbes magazine also recognized her work and published an article on the life and achievements of this iron lady. Focusing on how she has positively contributed to the society, initiating a wave of change.

Entrepreneur, social worker, educationist and a social worker, Aziz has given her best in every field ensuring that she achieves excellence in every realm. Despite hardships, she did not succumb to social pressures and crafted a niche of her own.