Pakistan’s state of the art fourth nuclear power plant becomes functional

Nuclear Power


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Pakistan is the first country in the world to construct civil nuclear power plants for peaceful purposes. It already possess three licensed commercial nuclear power plants and recently the country’s forth nuclear plant has been connected to the national grid as well.

The newly installed power plant is situated at Chashma Unit-3 (C-3) with 340 Megawatt (MW) power generation capacity. After various safety and functional test, the plants will become fully operational in December 2016 along with conduction of a formal inauguration ceremony.

Pakistan Atomic Energy Chairman Muhammad Naeem has expressed great satisfaction over this milestone achievement. He stated that it is the hard work and perseverance of scientists, engineers and technicians which has enabled PAEC to launch the fourth power plant in Pakistan.

He also acknowledged the efforts of Strategic plans division as they provided immense amount of support due to which the entire process went through smoothly.

Spokesperson from Pakistan Atomic Energy congratulated the entire country on this recent achievement.

Congratulation to the nation that Pakistan’s 4th nuclear power plant Chashma Unit-3(C-3) has been connected to the national grid

Pakistan Atomic Energy is the scientific and governmental agency responsible for operating nuclear power plants in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s first nuclear power plant KANUPP at Karachi is connected to the national grid since 44 years whereas the other two power plants situated at Chashma also provide a major chunk of electricity to the national grid. It is estimated that the nuclear power plants supply 600 MW of electricity. Further two nuclear power plants K-2 and K-3 near Karachi are under construction, they shall be completed by 2020-21.

The burgeoning demand of electricity in the country has led to a serious crisis, while for a significant time period we have relied on hydro power and fossil fuels, it is time that we now move towards more reliable and sustainable means of energy production.

Nuclear power plants are a cheap and sustainable mean to produce electricity. Unlike energy generated by coal, it is much cleaner and renewable in nature.

USA has over 100 nuclear reactors at 60 operating power plants in 30 different states. Nuclear supply from these plants provide one fifth of annual US electricity since 1990. Out of 31 countries possessing this capability, US has the greatest generation capacity. Fifteen other countries generate more than 20 percent of their electricity by using nuclear power.

It is time that Pakistan also makes a major shift towards nuclear power in order to deal with the growing energy crisis and provide uninterrupted supply of electricity to its citizens.