India detained 153 pigeons on charges of spying for Pakistan



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The Indian Police Department and the Crime Investigation Agency (CID) are once again investigating the case of smuggled pigeons from across the border. The purpose of the smuggling suggests the possibility of their use in spying and providing useful information to the Pakistani Intelligence Agencies, as per the CID.

The Indian Investigation agencies seem to be in a fix yet again since this is not the first time the Indian Police has detained allegedly spy pigeons from the areas near the Line of Control. The number of pigeons seized this time by the Indian Police in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir is far more than they had previously detained, 153 to be exact.

The investigation has begun following the seizure of pigeons which were being transported to the sensitive Pulwama district in Kashmir from the Punjab Border. There were colored markings as well as suspicious rings imprinted on those pigeons which made them look more skeptical. Therefore, the case was forwarded to the CID for further investigation.

SSP Jammu, Sunil Gupta said about the incident:

Few days ago, police seized few cartons from a Kashmir-bound vehicle in which 153 pigeons were being smuggled to the Kashmir Valley. The pigeons had strange pink marking and suspicious rings after which the Deputy Commissioner (DC) Jammu referred the case to the CID for investigation.

He also told that the Police Department had filed a complaint against the smuggler under the Animals Act which has been violated by the transporter. The offender was made to face the court where he was fined. He said that they have done their part, the rest is dependent on the CID.

As far as the other side of the case is concerned, CID is investigating it under the directions of DC Jammu.

The birds have been transferred to safe environment in an NGO and the birds will be freed once the inquest is complete and yields results. Deputy Commissioner, Simrandeep Singh spoke about the matter, saying:

The CID is examining the purpose of special color applied to the pigeons and whether they were any color code. We want to be fully sure before the pigeons are released. The CID is investigating the case and after that decision will be taken whether to release the birds or not. As of now the investigation is going on.

On all previous occasions, which have been a few now, the Investigation agencies as well as the Police have always failed to come up with a solid proof of the pigeons being Pakistani spies. Let’s see what results we get to see from the agencies this time around.