Gwadar Port becomes operational with arrival of first ship from China

First Ship at Gwadar Port


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Gwadar port finally became operational today when the first major Chinese ship arrived at its berth at Gwadar, Karachi. Gwadar port is the cynosure of China-Pakistan economic corridor (CPEC) project between China and Pakistan – a project worth $46 billion.

The project fortifies the spirit of Pak-China friendship. It encompasses a 3000 kilometers long economic corridor consisting of highways, railways and pipelines, which connects China to rest of the world by linking China’s Xinjiang province to Pakistan’s Gwadar port.

Taking the opportunity, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has approved of five developmental projects to be held at Gwadar in order to embolden the economic corridor. These include Free Trade Zone, Business Complex of Gwadar Port Authority, Pak-China Government Primary School at Faqir Colony, Sawar and Shadikor dams and Gwadar University.
When the ship arrived today, a wave of awe and admiration swept across the country. Declaring it as a an uphill for Pakistan, Maryam Nawaz Sharif tweeted

CPEC is also paving way for political support from China about the current tension between Pakistan and India. Speaking on the situation after Uri attack and the delay in SAARC summit because of it, Chinese scholar and Director China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations, Hu Shisheng, had to say

China has to further enhance relations with Pakistan if it feels cornered. A cornered regime sometimes will be more desperate, which will not be conducive to political development within Pakistan.

China acknowledges the political tension in the sub-continent and the possibility of India cornering and sequestering Pakistan. Chinese offices assured their support to Pakistan in dealing with India. Mr Hu further said,

China has to discuss with Pakistan about the current situation on how to handle and how to come out it.

He showed his confidence in Pakistan and ensured that China will work more on the economic corridor if necessary. China will not leave Pakistan stranded in the hour of need.

If Pakistan feels isolated from South Asia, then China will speed up CPEC to instill confidence in Islamabad.

After the successful docking of first big ship at Gwadar port, the economic condition and international relations of Pakistan are likey to improve manifolds. The heart of CPEC, Gwadar port, has the probability and potential of becoming one of the largest and busiest sea ports of the world.