Armed Forces of 16 countries to participate in Pakistan’s first Intl PACES Championship

Pakistan Army Training


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Pakistan will be hosting the first ever international PACES (Physical Agility & Combat Efficiency System) championship this year. The event will take place in Lahore from 18th October to 22nd October. Participants from 16 nations will take part in the championship starting from Tuesday. The participants of the event include army contingents from United Kingdom, Nepal, Sri lanka, Jordan, China(Liberation Army), Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Malayasia, Australia, Maldives, Bangladesh, USA, Turkey and Indonesia.

PACES was introduced as a national championship in order to prepare military officials for Zar-e-Azab. In the PACES competition of 2014, General Raheel Shareef described the importance of this training and how it is vital to ensure success in future challenges. PACES championship was introduced after the militaries of several nations showed interest in our training methods and programs.

In April, 2016, Pakistan Army Team Spirit (PATS) was held at national level and this international event was announced. This PACES championship is an international army competition that will test the physical as well as mental strengths of all the participating armies. This program will assess the muscular strength, flexibility and endurance of the participants and help them achieve higher fitness goals.

Over 370 participants from 16 nations will be taking part in the competition. Each team will consist of 20 members and represent their army in their respective events. Rules and regulations have been uploaded on the website of Pakistan Army along with the training video of all the activities on the Inter Services Public Relation (ISPR) website.

The event will begin at 12 PM at Ayub stadium on Tuesday with an opening ceremony. The teams will then have to demonstrate their skills in the events of 3.2 Kilometer Run, Pull Ups, Push Ups, Sit Ups and combat efficiency test. After these events the championship will be concluded with a closing ceremony in which the participants will receive medals and certificates. Top three teams will be awarded with trophies and top three “fittest of the fits” will be given gold, silver and bronze medals accordingly.

Teams from UK, Kazakhstan and Nepal arrived today while the teams from China, Sri lanka, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Maldives had already reached Lahore on Friday. The teams were warmly welcomed by the army officials at the Allama Iqbal International Airport. This championship will also boast the relationships between Pakistan and these nations and prove to the world that Pakistan is safe place to hold International events.