Pakistani boy wins Power of Peace Award in Australia

Power of Peace Award


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Syed Muhammad Tahir, a young individual from Lahore has made Pakistan proud by his remarkable achievement after winning Power of Peace Award 2016 enabling Pakistan’s name to be recognized in the international arena.

The Power of Peace Award is awarded to individuals who make diligent and sincere efforts to promote the value of peace by making conscious efforts in order to enlighten the society locally and globally. Impacting the lives and promoting positive changes

Hailing from Pakistan, the enthusiastic individual is settled in Australia since 2005, where he has been involved in such activities for a long time. He has played an instrumental role in guiding fellow Pakistanis in Australia. He and his team provide employment, accommodation, student support and aid small businesses which help Pakistanis living in Australia.

A sign of his growing altruism is the fact that he collected magnanimous amounts to help the flood victims of 2010. Providing tent hospitals, food and many other items to support the IDPs.

His efforts were recognized by Tom Hon in 2013 and he was awarded with Community Service Award by University of Information Technology, Lahore. The list of awards does not end here as he was given the honorable Alumni Award by UET, Lahore in 2014. In the same year his organization won Special Contribution award by The Hon.

The efforts of such Pakistanis enable to transform the global perspectives about Pakistan, known to be a terror stricken country, Pakistan is producing individuals with a strong will to achieve global peace.

Tahir remembers his journey as a one man engine with an aim to make a significant change.

It was a thought that there should be a platform where people of different communities can come together and interact, help each other and fill the gaps in culture.

Today his organization Australia Pakistan Youth Association Inc. known has Australian-Pakistan Club has won many accolades for its immense contributions and has impacted the lives of many Pakistanis living in Australia.

Other Pakistanis living in Australia have also made considerable efforts in this field. Khurram Jahangir Khan, was awarded young Victorian of the year award in 2016. His volunteer work with the migrant communities was appreciated by the Australian government and was given the highest youth award.

Philanthropic works by young individuals such as Mohammad Tahir and Khurram Jahangir depicts the changing mindsets of the youth. It is encouraging to see that people are now more interested in actually doing something rather than just sitting and criticizing the existing situation.

More of such individuals need to start operation within Pakistan as well to improve the deplorable situation of the poor in the country and make their own country the hub of excellence.