This Hungarian Lady describes Pakistan as her home

Dr. Zsuzsanna


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You might have heard, ‘Home is where the heart is’, in movies and TV serials multiple times. However, it has been confined to be a mere cool quote. There certainly are people who have changed their lives and lifestyles based on this saying. Tourism has developed a little bit in Pakistan the past few years. People from around the world are visiting Pakistan despite the negative image portrayed by the international media as well as our own. The tale of someone visiting Pakistan and leaving a positive feedback about the country is exciting, however, instances of someone visiting Pakistan and settling here for good are enchanting and miraculous at the same time.

It also seems to be the motto of Dr. Zsuzsanna, a Hungarian lady who has made Pakistan her home after she visited the country in 2010. Captivated by the utter beauty, the hospitality of the people, and the opportunities that are there for the taking, Dr. Zsu terms Pakistan as her home, to say the least. The warmth with which the people, all around Pakistan, have treated her has won her heart so much that she decided to stay here, oblivious of all the hype around terrorism and all the bad things Pakistan is famous for.

Let’s tell you a little bit about her first. She is a motivational speaker, a healthcare expert, a Performance Coach and a Change maker. She believes that she is still a student even after acquiring so much knowledge. She wants to be a good human being. Having a plethora of international experience at her disposal, Dr. Zsu is fascinated by the concept of using mobile technology to educate people.

Reflecting about the reason behind her visit to Pakistan for the first time she told that she was invited by a man named Rehan Allahwala in 2010 to work as a corporate coach for his firm. Mr. Rehan played an important role to make her stay here, he made sure that she always came back whenever she visited her home country or any other part of the world. She said about Pakistan:

After the 3rd day in Pakistan, I realized that this is the land of opportunity. Anywhere I looked, I saw a business idea, and service to be delivered for helping the country to grow. So I was coming and going for 1 year, then I decided to stay.

Her perception about Pakistan, before her first trip to the country, was like most of the foreigners, all negative and antagonistic, exactly as the media wants the people to think of Pakistan. However, she wanted to visit Pakistan when saw the breath-taking photos of Northern Pakistan: rowdy rivers amid serene heavens and towering mountains covered in snow called her to witness and feel the real beauty of Pakistan.

Dr. Zsu has been living in Pakistan for more than five years now. She said:

This is not a trip anymore as it concerns me. Pakistan is my home. Pakistan means opportunity.

Having visited so many cities of Pakistan, she says that she loves Pakistan because of the people. According to her, what separates Pakistan from western countries is the hospitality. She lauds the availability of cheap internet and mobile phone services in the country which can help Pakistan move forward.

Dr. Zsuzsanna lives in Karachi, a city she praises open heartedly. According to her, the people of Karachi are very appreciative and respectful, they love her because she lives here and works for improving the image of Pakistan globally. Karachi has a lot of potential in sustainable development. Her favorite places in Pakistan are Chitral, Gilgit, Swat and the beaches in Baluchistan. She also admires the fact that most of the people can speak English, which helped her overcome the language barriers with ease.

In an interview to a travel site she was asked, ‘Why should I visit Pakistan?’. The reply she gave would surely win the hearts of so many of you. She said:

To undo the myths, and to feel the hospitality on your own skin. Beside the wonderful nature and mountains like K2, explore the beaches; go fishing, shops on the wonderful markets for textiles and handy craft. Shall enjoy Pakistani Barbeque food and fruits. I found the best fruits available in the whole world here.

She is working to bring Sport and Physical Education in Pakistan and has been giving yoga classes on Karachi beaches for a long time now. She is truly a great ambassador of peace and her efforts to promote the positive image of Pakistan in the world community is really appreciable.
She summed up her experience in Pakistan as this:

Pakistan is a gift for me. It came to my life as a miracle. I am incredibly grateful to live in Pakistan. Whatever this was predesigned or predestined, I am purely and eternally grateful to able to grow as a human being, and learn what is true unconditional love.

This article originally appeared on Jovago Pakistan.