Honest Traffic Police Cop suspended for fining son of a Judge

Lahore High Court


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Honest and dignified, Najm, got suspended because he respected his police academy oath and dared to charge a fine to the son of a judge in Pakistan.

Najm ul Hasan is the head constable of traffic police department in Gujrat. On 09-10-2016 he was performing his duty on a police check post at Dhaki chowk of Gujrat when a young boy passed by on a motorbike (motorbike number: GTL-6582).

The constable inquired the boy of his age and came to know that he was only 16 years old, which according to traffic rules of Pakistan is two years lesser than the minimum driving age. When the constable warned the boy that his age was not appropriate for driving motorbike he threatened the constable, an act freely practiced here to free your neck from burden, by saying that he was son of Naveed Anjum who is Additional Session Judge and if he tried to fine the boy his father will get him fired.

Even under the threat the constable did not flinch a bit from the oath he had sworn and continued his duty honestly. He asked him to show the original documents of the motorbike. Since the boy did not had any documents with him he was fined by the constable. This honesty bore a high price for the constable. He was immediately informed by his department that he has been dismissed.

Najm ul Hasan has been working in the traffic police department for 15 years. And he claims that he always had been honest towards his duties still he was the one to suffer. He says that if he had been told by his department during the training that the rules and laws are different for the elites and the masses he would not have fined the boy.

Najm ul Hasan has written an application to the Chief Justice Lahore High Court Manzoor Ahmed Malik, IG Punjab Mushtaq Sukhera and to the DPO Gujrat Suhail Zafar Chatta to look into the matter, help him get his job back and to take a legal action against the person who got him sacked.

Equal application of law is the slogan of Pakistan traffic police department, and all those who are loyal to their duty should always treat VIPs equal to normal citizens. Traffic Police has the authority to charge or fine anyone who violates traffic rules irrespective of their status and influence. Exempting someone from the rules and regulations will damage the traffic system. Honest Policemen like Najam should be encouraged to stay faithful to their responsibilities, not to fall victim to the curse of nepotism.

Cases like Najm ul Hasan demand us as a society to seriously look into the matter of nepotism and the curse it brings with it. It can only be eradicated if we as a society stand against it and support those institutions of the state that are responsible for putting the right person behind bars. The responsible authorities should also fulfill their duties without taking into account the status and the position of the culprit.