‘Maalik’ all set to release in UAE on 11 October

Maalik Movie


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After fighting a long battle, makers of action thriller film Maalik have finally found a ray of hope as the film sets for an international premiere.

The Pakistani film will be premiered in UAE on 11th October according to Gulf News. The entire cast and crew will be present in UAE for the grand launch of the film.

Previously the film got banned by the federal government, declaring it uncertified and inappropriate for display in Pakistan. However, director and actor, Ashir Azeem fought a resilient battle with the authorities and finally managed to clear his film.

Azeem registered his case in the Sindh High court, after a considerable number of sessions the film was cleared by the Sindh High Court and was given the permission to be screened again.

A division bench under the leadership of Chief Justice, Sindh High Court, Sajjad Ali Shah reviewed the case and lifted the illegal ban on the film

Ashir Azeem believes that a lot of people will be able to relate to his film. Its a film about democracy, politic and struggle. The film also tries to depict that how people belonging to different sects e.g. Hindus, Christians and Sikhs live in harmony in the country but politicians try to divide them for their personal benefits and motives.

The film which discusses elements like corruption, politics and the eroding system of governance in Pakistan which were considered as highly sensitive for the audience by the government. Despite facing extreme difficulties, Azeem did not give up.

My film was unfairly criticized. It was a long court battle… The ban on my film wasn’t justified, but [it is] back in the cinemas [in Pakistan] now,” said Azeem.

The director and his cast can finally take a breath of fresh air as the film will release in UAE this Thursday. With this international release it is hoped that the message given through the film reaches a wider audience.

Many renowned actors like Farhan Ali Agha, Sajid Hassan and Hasan Niazi are included in the cast. The cast members will join Ashir Azeem for the invites only screening at City Centre Deira on Tuesday evening.

With many quality films like Maalik emerging at a rapid succession, it is expected that the Pakistani industry has now a long way to go. While entertainment factor is considered an important quotient for any film to do well, socially and intellectually stimulating films have also become a necessity in today’s age and time.