India can’t fight Pakistan for more than 04 Days

Indian Army Soldiers


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Following the escalating tensions between Pakistan and India, the Indian Defence Ministry has serious concerns over the lack of ammunition present with the Indian Armed Forces. The Defence Ministry has admitted that the Indian Armed Forces have had critical shortages of small arms and ammunition, which can lead to catastrophic results for India given the full-scale war lasts more than a few days.

The Indian Government is putting a lot of pressure on arm suppliers in order to get the ammunition ready in case the war breaks out. Many of the biggest arm suppliers in India have been contacted by the government to prepare war-supplies on short notice, suggesting that the Indian Armed Forces cannot resist the enemy forces for long if the existing situation of lack of ammunition stays.

One of the Indian News Agencies published this report stating:

The armed forces will be keen to meet critical shortages, particularly in ammunition and small arms, that limit its capability to meet a full-scale war challenge beyond a few days.

The reason behind this, as per the report, is the establishment of new military units on the India-China border in the recent times. The arms have been supplied to those units which have led to the reduction of stocks.

Successive years of dipping into war reserves to raise new military units on the China border have led to depleted stocks that in some cases may not even last four days in case of a fullblown conflict along the border.

The government officials as well as the leading weapon suppliers spoke with Indian media about the lack of ammunition with the Indian Forces and that the government is trying hard to bridge the gap between supply and demand of the war goods. The top companies have been contacted by the government to provide an estimate of the requirements of Armed Forces, keeping in mind its capabilities and the capacity.

The government wants the ammunition suppliers to boost up the arms production and to meet up with the needs of the forces. In case the government orders, the industry must be able to produce results right away. A government executive spoke about the increasing demand for the arms. He said:

The government wants a realistic estimate of the industry’s ability to deliver on a short notice; to upscale current production and to meet urgent orders.

Indian Finance Minister had already said that there might be an increase in India’s defence budget following the security concerns.

In India, in addition to all the global events which leave an impact on us, we also have the security challenge. The security challenge involves an element of uncertainty. It also involves a lot of national resources being diverted in that direction and it will always get top priority.