Secrets of a long life: Find out how people of Hunza live up to 160 years

People of Hunza


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A myriad of items are required to cook a scrumptious dinner, salt, pepper, onions, so many things go in to make a wonderful dish. Just one item cannot be used to make something extraordinary, similarly life too is like a meaty dish which requires abundant ingredients so that we can actually enjoy its flavor.

Researchers are constantly busy in finding out how to make your lives better and worthwhile. How to increase both the quantity of life and improve its quality too. With growing age, millions of problems begin to surface and we are constantly in a hunt to find solution to such problems. How to reduce those wrinkles, how to keep ourselves fit, what to eat, what to avoid. So many question pass through our mind as we search for answers.

While many tend to look at international researches and follow the regime of foreigners, it is astounding to note that we have better answers to all the queries within our own homeland.

A recent article published in International business times discussed the people of Hunza who are setting new precedents as their life expectancy has now increased up to 160 years.

It is reported that most of the people from the Hunza community do not develop tumors, have young youthful appearances and their females can even give birth at the age of 65!

One may be flabbergasted after hearing such facts but it is indeed true and the reason behind all this is their unique lifestyle which includes eating lots of apricots, raw vegetable, taking long walks and taking bath in ice cold water.

Their everyday includes nut, legumes, cereal, barley, milk and cheese. They tend to avoid meat and only eat breakfast and lunch, completely skipping the dinner.

The infants drink dried unripe apricot juice which protects them from tumors, the apricot seeds are a constant source of B-17 and provide protection against cancer as well.

The apricots are such an integral part of the lives of the people of Hunza that they actually measure their wealth based on the number of apricot trees possessed by each family.

This simple and clear approach of the people of Hunza is an ideal example to follow.

People may resort to plethora of multi-vitamins or expensive exercise machines to keep themselves fit but the actual secret to fitness is reverting back to nature. We once again need to adopt the lifestyle which our ancestors used to religiously follow. Be it consuming raw vegetable, taking long walks or just being content.

All these small changes can induce a much bigger and healthier change in our lives, our dependency on processed food, ultra modern vehicles and over indulgence in electronic gadgets has had terrible repercussions on our lives. It is therefore imperative that we take immediate action and change the way we live because working on the present is probably the only key to make the future better.