Pakistani Student at Uxbridge College Receives ‘Super Star Award’ by Olympic hopeful

Zainab Shahid at Uxbridge College


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A Pakistani student at Uxbridge College, Zainab Shahid has been awarded the ‘Super Star Award’ in an award ceremony held at Uxbridge to recognise the efforts of their students. The guest of honor was Julz Adeniran, the International hurdler who missed out the previous Olympic Games due to an Achilles injury.

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The young student has been given an admission in a university where she will study Criminology. The notable thing is that she moved from Pakistan to Great Britain with little to no grip on the English language and that she achieved this landmark in just four years after settling in the Britain. Throughout these four years, Zainab’s hard work and determination were exemplary and she never looked back, all she knew was to pursue her dreams.

The event was staged in the Beck Theater at Hayes on Thursday, with the aim to acknowledge the efforts of the students. The star hurdler distributed the awards among the students. Zainab starred the event as she managed to grab the Super Star Award: the award for the overall winner. She deserved this award the most considering the fact that she had very few resources and qualifications.

Despite the lack of qualifications, Zainab kept working hard. She studied business courses as well as English and Mathematics, as a result of which she has now an A-levels equivalent degree, meaning that she can now pursue her studies in the university, which would have been impossible otherwise. Her iron will and steel nerves kept her going through the hard times and she never gave in.

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Laraine Smith OBE, the Principal of the Uxbridge College expressed her views on the celebration of the event, saying:

It was a wonderful celebration of the successes of our students, our employer partners and the college as a whole. Congratulations to everyone. For our students we had a chance to recognise their many achievements, including their academic and vocational achievements, which are often come by despite many challenges.

The guest of honor also told his story of becoming an International athlete, which was very inspirational for all the students and everyone attending the event. He also spoke of his bad luck when he was ruled out of the Olympics because of an injury prior to the Games. The Principal thanked him for his presence at the award ceremony.

Julz was a real inspiration to everyone and made the evening really special and I’d like to say a big thank you to him for coming along.

Pakistanis like Zainab, are presenting a solid image of Pakistan. It is the people like her who keep Pakistan and the Pakistanis in the news because of all the good reasons. Every one of us needs to learn persistence and hard work from the likes of Zainab Shahid, the daughter of Pakistan.