14 year-old-girl from Swat receives ‘Ambassador of Peace’ award in Taiwan

Hadiqa Bashir


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Joining the list of courageous and daring women of Pakistan, Hadiqa Bashir now stand among bright names like Arifa Kareem, Massarat Mirza and Muneeba Mazari.

14 years old activist of women rights, Hadiqa Bashir, received the Asian Girls Human Rights Ambassador award this week and became the first Pakistani girl to win this international award.

Hadiqa Bashir dedicated her life to advocate for the rights of young girls in Pakistan and abolish obsolete concepts of child marriage and education. She expressed her mission to

Fight for the rights of women and young girls, from Syria to Palestine, Kashmir and Myanmar… Muslim sisters and sisters from all over Asia

Four audacious young women were awarded as Asian Girls Human Rights Ambassador. The award was presented and showcased at the International Day of the Girl Child, also celebrated as the Taiwan Girls’ Day in the host country. The ceremony was sponsored and organized by the the Garden of Hope Foundation and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Taiwan.

Yesterday this young girl from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa district Swat raised the name of her country at an international level by winning the award at Taiwan. She made her country and family dignified of her achievements.

What else can a father ask from a daughter than such a big matter of pride? Really, she has made me and our country proud today.

Said the proud father. Expressing his deepest joy, Iftikhar Hussain, father of Hadiqa, exclaimed that it was the happiest moment of life to see his daughter win an award for an upright cause.

Hadiqa’s story begins with her own marriage at very fragile age. Being a victim of child marriage, she realizes the pain that comes with it.

She made her life’s mission to support children rights and end age inappropriate marriages. She has stopped several child marriages from happening over the years.

In recognition of her efforts, Hadiqa Bashir earned Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Award for extending never-ending support to the cause of ending child marriages and educating people about it. Last year, she won this award third time in a row.

Putting on a bold face, she then strengthened her resolution saying,

The award reaffirms my conviction that with truth, courage and determination as our weapons, my country, Pakistan will be liberated from every type of injustice and violence. I did not make the journey here alone. Numerous people have supported me along the way.

At the award ceremony in Taiwan, Hadiqa raised her voice for the injustices inflicted upon the Kashmiris. She dedicated the award to the lawyers who died in a suicide attack near Civil Hospital, Quetta a few months back.

She also named her award towards the brave Kashmiris inflicted with Indian brutality. She reminded the international community of the Kashmiri’s right to self-determination and the injustices done by Indian Army to suppress this right. She appealed for peace in Kashmir,

Pakistan is a peace loving country and daughters of Pakistan do not support war as they believe war cannot bring peace. Wars only bring devastation.