PSO in trouble after a video of its employee cheating a customer goes viral



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Pakistan State oil is a state-owned multinational oil distribution organization which deals with millions of customers all around the country. It has a network of 3689 filling stations out of which 189 serve the bulk customers.

With so many stations sprawling all over the country, major chunk of vehicle drivers avail the services of Pakistan State Oil, however, a recent video shared by Mr Hasan Ehtisham on Facebook has exposed PSO and raised serious questions regarding accountability.

The video shared on social media by Mr. Ehtisham shows that he asks the person at the petrol station to fill petrol of Rs. 700 but the person at the petrol station only fills petrol of worth Rs. 400, clearly double crossing the customer.

Though the customer is charged Rs. 700 but is only provided with petrol worth Rs. 400. This act did not go unnoticed and Mr Ehtisham’s presence of mind turned into his favor when he recorded the entire incident on his mobile phone after which he  shared it on Facebook, allowing thousands of people to witness the truth.

Soon after the video was shared, many people started sharing same experiences, some said that they have been double crossed as well while others thought that PSO clearly robs people. The post soon crossed 570K views and 14685 people shared the post. Over 524 people commented on the post, making the incident instantly viral.

Later Mr. Ehtisham shared that senior officials from PSO contacted him personally. Shehryar Omar (Sr. General Manager Marketing) and Syed Rashid Kamal (General Manager Logistics) held a meeting with Mr. Ehtisham and addressed his complaints.

He also shared the comments of the senior officials.

They said and I quote. “Pakistan State Oil will take appropriate action to my grievance as per their intuitional policies. And in future, if anyone faces some inconvenience/suggestion regarding PSO, he/she should immediately contact taaluq careline 0800 03000.

Though this is a rare view, whereby we see such multinational corporations taking immediate action, it is encouraging to see that attitudes have started changing. Instead of hiding their mistakes, organizations are now making a deliberate effort to address the problems of their customers and avoid any negative social media marketing.

While some people may debate over the fact the social media has made our lives miserable, it is actually due to the power of social media that the common man is empowered enough to raise his voice against the injustices and expect that justice will be served.