M.Phil student Irfan Mehsood breaks the Guinness World Record

Muhammad Ifran Mehsood


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Hailing from Ladha, Waziristan, Muhammad Irfan Mehsood has bettered the world record for the most number of full-contact knee strikes in one minute. The record was approved by the Guinness World Records this Thursday. The 26 years old, Mehsood achieved the feat by doing 87 strikes. Interestingly the previous record was also held by a Pakistani black belt holder, Ahmad Amin Bodla, who managed to get 79.

The M.Phil. student, Irfan attempted to better the record in July this year in Dera Ismail Khan. The World Record keeping body considered his feat and has now approved his record. The kickboxing enthusiast hasn’t focused on achieving this record only, he is also planning on attempting six other world records of different categories. He already has several national records to his name. His tale is surely of sheer hard work and persistence. He took inspiration from another Guinness Record holder kickboxer Ahmed Hussain. The email he received from the governing body said:

We are thrilled to inform you that your application for most full-contact knee strikes in one minute (one leg) has been successful and you are now the Guinness World Records Title Holder! You will shortly receive one Guinness World Records certificate in the post. Congratulations, you are Officially Amazing!

When asked about his emotions about the newly made world record, he said:

Of course I’m very happy that my record got approved, but I have made attempts at other records too. I have six other attempts that need to be approved from Guinness World Records. I’m expecting their reply by October 13.

He is definitely not restricting himself to just one record, he has other plans too. Having faced a lot of difficulty following the Waziristan Operation, his family moved to Dera Ismail Khan in 2009. However, he was a martial arts fan from the very beginning. He started training in 2005, the year he passed his matriculation exams. He has never looked back since then.

He said that he always focuses on his training, and he kept working hard even while fasting, this Ramadan. It is his iron will that has made him appear in one of the most wanted books: The Guinness Book of World Records. He pursued his passion and he now owns an academy in DI Khan where he teaches the young children. He said:

It is very important for me. It was really hard. I have my academy now in Dera Ismail Khan, this is where most of the people from Waziristan settled after the operation. I can say that I’m motivated because I want to show a softer, better image of Pakistan and the people of Waziristan; we are not terrorists and we want to get ahead in life since we are good at studies just as we are great at sports.

The young martial artist, Irfan has a great vision when it comes to his country and the youth. He wants the youth of his country to work hard especially in sports so as to present a better image of Pakistan worldwide. Sports is something which can help the youth stay on the right way, instead of switching to harmful activities, also sports can help improve Pakistan’s image.