PEMRA to revoke or suspend the license of media houses airing Indian contents



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Recently, the tension between India and Pakistan has been rising. The blame game has been running for a while now by India accusing Pakistan for the Uri attacks, suppression of protestors in Kashmir and the on-going debate of claims of the Indian attack on the other side of Line of Control.

In response to India’s continuous controversies and the acceleration of Indian atrocities in Kashmir, officials reported that Pakistan’s media regulating authority has initiated a crackdown on companies airing Indian television channels and Indian content in Pakistan.

On Thursday, a spokesperson from Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) had to say:

Given the recent tensions between India and Pakistan, the public is demanding that Indian channels and sitcoms be completely banned

Indicating that these measures had to be taken in response to the public unrest in Pakistan caused by India’s brutality in Kashmir and trash talk on Pakistani film industry.

Indian channels and content are quite popular in Pakistan. India will be taken aback if suddenly all of its content is banned from Pakistan. According to national laws, only 86 minutes of Indian content per 24 hours is allowed to be aired by any channel. This rule is heavily violated by entertainment channels and cable operators as they are pressured by the popularity of Indian films and drama series.

A media representative explained the situation on Tuesday that all violators of such rule will be heavily punished.

After Oct. 15, action will be taken against all violators without discrimination

The authority has been handed over to the chairman. He is allowed to revoke or suspend the license of any company or cable operator that will air illegal Indian channels or content after the date

Without providing show cause notice and without giving the opportunity to respond

This statement came after a week when Pakistani cinemas owners exhibited solidarity with the Pakistan Army by not screening Indian films.

The cinema owners gave this verdict after the Indian claim of carrying out surgical strikes in Pakistan occupied Kashmir. However, Pakistan is still denying the report of any such strikes. India claimed to have a proof of video but lately those proofs seem dubious as they are called “fake” by prominent leaders.

Since 1947, Kashmir is serving as a battlefield for Pakistan and India. Kashmiris got rid of the British colonial rule but they have been stuck fighting for their lives since then. Both countries claim Kashmir in full, but govern separate parts while innocent Kashmiris die for their freedom everyday.

On Thursday, Indian police reported that their soldiers shot dead three suspected Kashmiri militants who tried to raid an army base camp in Indian occupied Kashmir.

Despite the cease-fire agreement in 2003, India and Pakistan exchanged gunfire across the Kashmir border, inducing terror and panic among residents in adjacent areas.

PEMRA has taken strict measures against the excess of Indian content in Pakistani media. While this action may be in solidarity with Kashmiris, it will definitely spike up an Indian reaction.