This American Journalist sums up everything about Karachi in a single post

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Dale Neal, an American Journalist journeyed through Pakistan, spending 10 days in different parts of Pakistan, especially Karachi, along with seven other Journalists. The tour was a part of the fellowship arranged by the International Center for Journalism. The Journalist, Dale Neal who happens to be a Reporter for Citizen Times USA, on his return to America, threw light on his journey, describing Karachi as a glamorous yet anarchic city.

His words seem to be in exact conformity with the real Karachi, the Karachi we know of, not like the world knows Karachi to be: stereotypic and outdated, but the Karachi where people seem utterly happy with their lives albeit all the concerns regarding the dirty politics and worsening security issues. His words are a true measure of the Karachi city, where everyone can be himself, be it a minority like a Sikh or a Hindu, or a Punjabi, Sindhi, Balochi or a Pathan.

He discerns Pakistan, rather Karachi as a charismatic and a chaotic city, yet he comes up with words of praise for the city. He said:

Yet for all its mayhem, Karachi isn’t nearly as violent as most of the world’s mega-cities, with a per capita murder rate well below Detroit or St. Louis in the U.S.

The journalist lauds the welcoming nature of the Karachiites after being treated with love by the Pakistanis. He opens up about how he and the other Americans used to think of Pakistan before his journey.

When Americans bother to think about this side of the world, we’re likely to see only stereotypes — Muslim mobs protesting U.S. policy, or a secretive military double-crossing U.S. interests as in the HBO thriller “Homeland.”

However, this visit has changed his perception, and maybe of many others’, for good. There are less stereotypes than he used to think, listening to the media from around the world. Women are more expressive than ever, people are friendly unlike on TV shows, anyone can follow his/her religion and whatnot.

It would be fair to say that he has depicted the true Karachi and the true Pakistan, close to reality as they say. From the mosques to the camel rides on the beach, traditional burqas to the cheap smartphones, drone attacks on the tribal areas to the political situation in Karachi, Dale Neal has covered everything, revealing everything about Karachi in such great detail and with such veracity that you simply cannot go without appreciating his effort.

Read his full post here.