Song of Lahore wins Audience Award at Asian Film Festival in Pennsylvania

Song of Lahore


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Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy’s recent endeavor has once again won her many accolades. Recently Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy’s and Andy Schocken’s documentary, The Song of Lahore has won the audience award at the 11th at the Silk Screen Asian American Film Festival.

The Silk Film Festival is organized by Silk Screen Organization and is held to pay homage to all aspiring artists and acknowledge their efforts for the promotion of art.

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Based on the Sachal Jazz Ensemble, Song of Lahore artistically captures the lives of the classical musicians who proved their talents despite adverse conditions.

These classical musicians belong to different areas of Lahore and worked diligently to register their singing prowess. Due to tough circumstances, the musicians had to give up their passion, however, they were once again brought together by Izzat Majid.

This unique group of musicians blend classical music with Jazz to reinvent the cultural music and heritage of the subcontinent. Their immense talent has attracted a lot of attention and the band even performed in New York.

The film depicts their journey in a progressive manner and recognizes their prodigious skills. It also refers to the cultural ties between India and Pakistan, how their heritage is linked and what elements make them stand out.

Sharmeen Obaid has previously also made Pakistan proud by representing the country on an International arena and winning an Oscar for her documentaries the saving face and A girl in the river, the price of forgiveness

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Both the documentaries highlighted essential issues of the society which need to be addressed in order to secure our country from the existing internal threats.

Saving face dealt with the issue of acid victims whereas A girl in the river dealt with honor killings in Pakistan. Both these issues are the grim reality of our society and need to be addressed through such mediums in order to raise awareness.

On February 22nd, Sharmeen’s award-wining documentary, A Girl in the River was also screened at the Prime Minister House, whereby Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif took notice of the issue and stressed on bringing immediate legislation.

While the Pakistani film Industry is still taking baby steps, it is encouraging to see that our work and creativity is being recognized on an international level. Not only our film makers focusing on the quantity but also the quality by highlighting important issues and creating an intellectually stimulating sphere.

Sharmeen is now also heading the committee which shall send this year Oscar nominations from Pakistan.