Indian Army making fake video of Surgical Strike in Pakistan: Indian Politician

Indian Soldier


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Recently India claimed that it had launched ‘surgical strikes’ against terrorist launching pads across the Line of Control. But, if Indian Army carried out a surgical strike in Pakistan, it should have steered towards fuming public reactions, diplomatic stands and strict military reaction. Instead, Pakistan denies it has been attacked by India.

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Pakistan does admits that they have captured an Indian soldier but neither Pakistan nor India is giving its verdict that the arrested soldier was involved in the surgical strikes.

India has since been trying to generate proof of the attack. Indian army claims that they have a video of the attack but they refuse to make it public. The claim got severely impaired when Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, and Congress party accused the Indian government of trying to gain political stretch and urged Modi to release video evidence of the purported action.

This stance was further derailed when MLA Sheikh Abdul Rashid gave his verdict on the surgical strikes by India on terror launch pads in PoK. He said the Army is videotaping “fake exercises” in Leepa Valley near the Line of Control to generate fraudulent evidence for the Indian claim.

Engineer Rashid is the MLA from Langate in Kashmir’s Kupwara district. He claims that the Indian Army has been making footage of fake strikes in Leepa Valley for the last three days to illustrate them as proof of the surgical strikes. Boasting his confidence, Mr. Rashid said:

Fake targets are being made and I want to tell the whole world that if they show some proof, it is of Leepa and is fake and we can prove it.

He extended his claim that there had been no gunfire at two of the five places where the Indian Army claims to attack.

Two of the five places are in my area. I tried to know from the people and to the best of my knowledge, there has been no firing there for the past 20 days.

In very bold terms, Engineer Rashid declared Indian claim as bogus and incorrect. He alleged that the surgical strikes were a “drama to divert the attention from Kashmir issue”, which has been whirling around viciousness and state terrorism for a past few months.

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He appealed the Indian Army to steer clear of the malicious agendas of the Modi government saying:

You (Army) claim to be a credible organisation. You should not enact drama for politicians, by virtue of which your credibility may get lost.

Modi governemnet, rattled by continuous doubts from the community, has decided to stand neutral and not release any biased statement. The Indian government has given a clear warning to all the senior leaders and ministers to refrain from “chest thumping” and speaking without prior permission, NDTV reported.

He further highlighted that Pakistan has opened the LoC to international media to see that no such strikes were carried out as claimed by India. If India was honest in its claims, they would have done the same.