Pakistani Visual Artist behind Star Wars Promo wins gold medal in New York Film Festival

Faisal Shaukat


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The digital age is all about action, thrill and unfathomable stunts which leaves one in awe. All this action and effects which we enjoy are the courtesy of visual artists or directors who often go unnoticed. They play an integral and invisible part without which the journey of a film can never be complete.

Recently, a visual artist from Pakistan got acknowledged for his efforts at the New York Film Festival. He won a gold medal for his work beating eight ace directors all over the globe.

Faisal Shaukat, the proud Pakistani visual artist was born and raised in Karachi. He always had the desire to do something great and for this purpose, he visited Singapore and learned the art of graphic beside launching his own startup, in 2008.

Shaukat has always made a conscious effort to hire Pakistani talent in his art projects.

In an interview given to Samaa News Shaukat highlighted the importance of highlighting the talent of our country.

There is a lot of potential [in the Pakistani youth],” he said, adding with the right guidance and approach towards life, career and art, artistes from Pakistan in this field can win as many international awards as they want.

His talent and creative creations have won him nine awards up till now. The most notable works of Faisal include animated campaign for French open, US open, Thor and Star Wars.

Faisal believes that everyone should strive hard to achieve their goal, dedication is they key to success in any field. He has a firm faith that Pakistan has no shortage of talent.

Previously, another Pakistani Mir Zafar Ali, won the academy award for Frozen in the animation category. Mir Zafar Ali also won an Oscar for his commendable work He has worked on the visual effects of internationally acclaimed films like Frozen and Life of Pi.

Such achievements aid Pakistan in developing a different International perspective and will also radically change its position in the global arena. There is much more in Pakistan than terrorism, inequality and poverty.

It is vital that for such artists to emerge, we encourage art on a national level and do not consider it as an aimless field. Efforts in the right direction will not only boost talent but will bring Pakistan on the international forefront. Recognition for any field is pivotal for its growth. it is essential that we invest in this budding industry before it goes into a period of dormancy.