Pakistani girl wins Global Youth Icon award in India

Aliya Harir wins Global Youth Icon Award in India


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The Global Youth Peace Festival was held from 28th September to 2nd October in India having participants from all around the world. The program aims to create and train the younger generation for meaningful participation and representation in International developments.

250 delegates from 60 different countries including Afghanistan, Columbia, Bhutan, Egypt, Fiji, India and Pakistan took part in the mega event.

Aliya Harir, a Pakistani citizen and member of Aaghaz-e-dosti, a friendship initiative between India and Pakistan, won the Global Youth Icon Award for her efforts in establishing peaceful relations and clearing the air of hostility between both the neighboring countries. Aghaz-e-dosti is an Indo-Pak initaitive which developed virtual campaigns like peace calendar and aman chaupal.

Aaliya was amongst the group of 19 girls who visited Chandigarh, India, to represent Pakistan at GYPF. Due to escalating tensions between India and Pakistan, the convener Aaliya Harir reached Sushma Swaraj, the external affairs ministry and Sushma Swaraj assured complete security to Aaliya ad her entire delegation.

Harir’s award gave global recognition to Pakistan and re-affirmed the fact that Pakistanis are peaceful citizens of the world making diligent efforts to make the world a better place.

The major themes of the Global Youth Peace Festival included global citizen education, female empowerment and developing sustainable thinking. The program was initiated with the aim of unifying the youth budding minds of the arch rivals India and Pakistan.  Instead of fueling tensions between both nations GYPF aims to fuel creativity and intellect. In 2015, during the 10th Global Youth peace Fest-GYPF 2015, over 300 young and energetic people from 29 different countries of the world and 20,000 locals joined hands on important occasions for a better world.

Such peace initiatives are a positive step towards sustainable peace, participation by a number of countries in these programs reinforce the fact that global citizens are making conscious efforts to improve the conditions are do feel responsible. This sense of responsibility will actually carve out the road map for global peace.