Saqib Sajjad wins ‘Engineer of the Year Award’ by Association of Energy Engineers

Energy Management


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Modern civilization is equipped and largely dependent on energy. Electronics and electrically powered gadgets and instruments have become an everyday essential. They are making lives easier and better every day, however, there are some costs involved. One of the opportunity costs of this modern era is rise in the amount of energy consumption every year.

Where efforts are being made to discover alternative sources of energy, still a great amount of labor is spent to research, develop, enhance and improve the already existing energy resources like oil and gas.

One such hardworking and industrious Pakistani engineer, Saqib Sajjad, won the ‘Energy Engineer of the Year Award’ for the Middle Eastern region in an annual ceremony by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE).
Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) is a non-profit organization working since 1977. The association wholeheartedly works for the development, growth, innovation and sustainability of energy sources. This non-profit certified society has been working with around 17,500 members in 98 different countries under the mission:

To promote the scientific and educational interests of those engaged in the energy industry and to foster action for Sustainable Development.

Keeping in view this mission and vision, the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) presents regional and international awards every year. These prestigious awards are granted in recognition of years of hard work, extraordinary services and wonderful innovations in the energy sector.

In a recent ceremony by AEE, over 70 regional awards were presented to honor the efforts of meticulous engineers in the energy sector. Saqib Sajjad has the honor of being awarded ‘Energy Engineer of the Year Award’ for the Middle Eastern region. With this award, industries around the globe recognized Saqib’s perseverance and quality performance in the energy efficiency and renewable energy production.

Pakistani engineer Saqib Sajjad was conferred this award for being a protagonist in the energy efficiency. He has a vital role in the development and application of energy management system and improving the efficiency of energy consumption in oil and gas industrial units.

Saqib Sajjad is working under Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Limited in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). His company is a part of UAE’s one of the leading firm called Abu Dhabi National Oil Company Group of Companies. There Saqib is involved in developing the energy strategy, performance benchmarking and forming energy aptitudes in his company.
Fairly recognized for his abilities in engineering, Saqib is highly qualified for his job. He not only holds a masters degree in Chemical Engineering but he also refined his industrial and people’s skills by studying Business Administration. He is a chartered engineer from the United Kingdom (UK). He is also qualified in energy management and measurement and verification from the AEE in the United States.

With engineers like Saqib the oil and gas industries are hopeful for a breakthrough which might help in energy efficient systems. Energy conservation and finding sustainable alternative energy sources is the need of the hour. Competent and hard-working engineers can help with the larger energy crisis this world is facing.