Indian Govt in Trouble after Senior Politicians Demand Proof of ‘Surgical Strikes’

Indian Army Soldiers


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Few days’ back India claimed to do surgical strikes against terrorists in Pakistan after which a series of controversies erupted on both sides of the border. In response to the Indian claim Pakistan Army took a team of journalists to the LOC in order to show them the reality and reveal facts. All claims proved baseless as journalists investigated the entire case.

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Indian claims are now being questioned by their own people as well. Media, politicians and citizens have raised apprehensions over India’s stance of a surgical strike. Arvind Kajerwal, Chief Minister of Delhi and leader of Aam Aadmi Party questioned the Indian officials over this issue.

Senior Congress Spokesperson, Anand Sharma blatantly raised the same issue and demanded that the government should reveal whether there is any weight in these claims or not.

The government must expose Pakistan’s denial. It has all the tools and instruments to do so, said Anand Sharma.

Another senior leader Sanjay Nirupam openly termed the Indian claim of a surgical strike in Pakistan as false and baseless. He further said in a twitter message that the Bhartia Janta Party just want to earn credit and are doing politics over national interest.

Recently an English Newspaper, The Washington, conducted some interviews with the locals residing near the LOC, all of them claimed that they did not notice any cross-border movement neither sound of helicopters entering the vicinity.

The Diplomat, a well established international publication also highlighted pertinent facts about the capability of the Indian military forces.

BBC Urdu reported that all locals said that it was usual exchange of fire and nothing out of the ordinary.

Hindustan Times reports that a “political slug fest” has initiated in India as plethora of politicians question the credibility of claims made by Indian Army.

Congress leader P. Chidambaram also expressed his concerns over the sensitive issue.

Having taken political ownership for the cross-border action and having publicised it so much, it is only to be expected that people will demand that the video be released, he said.

In response to all these concerns, BJP has once again adopted a belligerent approach. According to BJP all those who question the army’s action have insulted the Indian Army and are promoting Pakistani propaganda.

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The Indian Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu clarified that no one except for Arvind Kajerwal and Congress has any questions over the authenticity of the surgical strikes, all their apprehensions will be cleared after providing sufficient evidence.

Although some Ministers of the Bhartia Janta Party government reinforce the fact that they will provide conclusive evidence, India’s State Minister Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore has already said that no aerial operation was conducted during the entire incident.

Though the debate over India’s allegation of a surgical strike in Pakistan has already sparked a fire amongst the Indians themselves, it is essential to note that any aggression from either side will only bring forth insurmountable devastation.