Pakistan Army exposed Indian Surgical Strike by taking Journalists to LoC

Pakistani Soldiers


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Exchange of fire between Pakistani and Indian troops took place on Thursday at the LOC which continued for 6 hours. The fire started at 2:30 am and ended at about 8 am. While India refers it as “surgical strike”, the Pakistani Army has cleared out all such perceptions and claimed that it was actually a cross border fire.

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The Pakistani Army took a team of journalists to the Line of Control at Baghshir 20 Kilometers from Bhimber to show the situation on ground and clear all speculations.

According to a journalist, Zarghoon Shah, the area is under heavy scrutiny of the army, any movement from the Indian side cannot go undetected. Even the movement of wildlife is strictly monitored.

Pakistan Army

The army further clarified that choppers used for these strikes make significant sound thus any attempt to land in the valley can further escalate the sound and make it easily recognizable. DG ISPR, General Asim Saleem Bajwa, stressed that while Pakistan has brought the journalists to the LOC in order to show the reality, Indian forces have not allowed any such exposure to its media. He also said that the choppers were on stand by, if the journalists wished they could even take them to the site where Indian army claims that it has led the attack.

He openly offered the journalists that they can meet the troops and the local population and thus can decide for themselves whether Indian allegations have any substance or not.

Pakistan Army

General Bajwa shared the news of the two martyred army men and allowed the media to give full coverage to their funerals. He also told the media that the injured troops were sent to CMH immediatly but the gallant soldiers insisted on returning back and serving their country.

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An Indian soldier was also captured by the Pakistan Army who tried to enter the country. Pakistan’s ambassador to United Nations Dr. Maleeha Lodhi while giving an interview to Al-Jazeera confirmed that one Indian soldier has been captured by the troops. However she dismissed all allegations of a surgical strike in Pakistan by India.

India is trying to divert global attention from the war crimes it is committing in occupied Kashmir, where more than a 100 people have been killed in cold-blood by Indian forces,” said the Pakistan’s ambassador

Dawn News reported that a 22 year old Indian soldier by the name of Chandu Babulal Chohan has been taken into custody by the Pakistan Army. According to Indian DGMO, some terrorists had positioned themesleves at launchpad along the LOC thus the Indian forces conducted surgical strikes. All such claims were openly denied by DG ISPR and were claimed to be fabricated.

The attempt by the Indian army was purely made with the intention to create media hype in India and to rebrand India as a state which could go to any extent for the betterment of their nation.

Relations between India and Pakistan have been hostile for a considerable period of time. The Kashmir factor has added further fuel to the fire and Modi’s government is making every possible attempt to disturb the balance.