Pakistan to celebrate Bhagat Singh’s anniversary despite India-Pak tension

Bhagat Singh


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After the recent Uri attack conditions on both side of the Indo-Pak border have become rather hostile. While the Indian government continues to adopt a belligerent approach and has threatened Pakistan to cut water supplies, Pakistan has adopted a very different approach.

Pakistan has always shown respect and acknowledged the efforts of diligent freedom fighters. In this regard, many social and cultural organizations have started preparations to celebrate the 109th birth anniversary of Bhagat Singh. Some organizations have planned a fair at his ancestral house in Bangay village in Faisalabad on Wednesday.

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A crowd of 800 to 1000 are expected to participate in the event, a huge out pour is expected from Faisalabad. To make the event a memorable day, organizers have contacted singers like Jassi Lakhpuria, Sanwal Dhillon and Aslam Lohar singing local songs.

Trailer of Swaraj, a film made by students of Government College Faisalabad, will also be shown during the festival. The students are extremely proud and elated as their film will be premiered on such a major event.

According to Times of India, the event is being organized by Punjab Lok Sujag and Kuknas, in collaboration with Punjabi Waves and Art Home Media Agency.

If Pakistan and India want to progress and end all evils like poverty, we must be peaceful. War is not a solution. Peace is our message. Common people don’t want fight, they want peace” said Rizwan Safdar, event organizer and reigonal manager of Lok Sujag.

Head of Kuknas also recognized the efforts.

We, the people of Lyallpur, love our history and our heroes. So we celebrate them. We salute the struggle of Bhagat Singh.” said Touhid Chattha, head of Kuknas.

Indian goodwill ambassadors have shown strong support to this initiative and believe that such events will promote peace.

This is not the first time that Pakistan is preparing for Bhagat Singh’s anniversary preparation. In 2013 celebrations were held at Shadman Chowk. Apart from this the city government planned to rename Fawara Chowk to Bhagat Singh Chowk in October 2012.

Celebrations have also begun in India in remembrance of Bhagat Singh. Prime Minister Modi along with many other stars including Gautam Gambhir and Shikhir Dhawan applauded the freedom fighter for his persistence and courage.

Bhagat Singh was born on 27th September 1907 at the village of Banga. He was born with the spirit of patriotism and his unflinching belief along with determination has been acknowledged ever since.

Subhas Chandra Bose said, Bhagat Singh who set an example of character and patriotism by sacrificing his life for the country’s freedom.

Today Bhagat Singh is called the Sikh hero and holds a special place amongst the Sikhs of India.