This is how Americans treat a Pakistani doctor who spent his life serving them?

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Around 400,000 US citizens hold a Pakistani nationality. This wider group of Pakistan-born and raised US citizens have contributed appreciably towards the growth of the United States of America. Where many cultural exchange programs are held to spread peace and goodwill between the two countries, there have been plenty of cases of American government’s injustices inflicted upon Pakistani-Americans.

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The stream of discrimination continued when two federal agents showed up to the door of a Pakistani-American doctor. Ather Niaz Rana has been serving sincerely in America for last 25 years but his daughter committed a crime of expressing her views against former American President George W. Bush and the needless havoc created in Iraq, all based on America’s perception of Saddam Hussein.

Reporting his story to a news agency, Ather Niaz said that FBI agents came knocking on his door-steps. They interviewed his daughter for hours, trying to discern her agenda behind George W. Bush travesty.

The humiliation did not end there. The government agency falsely dragged Dr. Ather Niaz to this matter as well, calling him a “hardcore terrorist”. They ignominy continued for the faithful doctor when his medical practices were questioned and were called dubious. 19 FBI agents stormed into his office, prowling every little thing he had. They confiscated all his personal belongings, his passport, flight tickets and the medical records, accusing him of medical fraud.

Head of the FBI agent Hoover and agent Sutherland spent more than seven hours investigating Ather Niaz Rana’s office. They were making tiresome efforts to prove Dr. Rana to be a terrorist. They expressed a special interest in his Islamic books and flight manuals to possibly relate him to the attack of 9/11. They also seemed suspicious of his frequent visits to the Arab countries.

The dauntless doctor, with faith in American justice system, took the matter to the court. Against all his hopes, the American system of justice failed him. He had to face utter humiliation throughout the process especially when he was arrested without any solid ground and was only released after a heavy bail.

Dr. Rana hired the best criminal defense attorney in town to stand up for him. His attorney Mike Ramsey assured him that all allegations of the government agencies are unsubstantiated and easily dismissible in court. The trial began and so did the jeering of the poor doctor. During the trial, he was not allowed to present any key witnesses. All crucial facts were overlooked and all motions were denied. No reasonable argument was considered by the jury.

The court came to a verdict in mere twenty minutes, declaring Dr. Ather Niaz Rana as a deceitful person and deporting him back to Pakistan. Ather Niaz landed in Pakistan and yet another Pakistani American became the prey of injustices in America based on religious discrimination.

America may have sent one man back to Pakistan but it also sent a million messages of hatred and animosity. Many victims like Dr. Ather Niaz Rana look out towards Pakistan Embassy for diplomatic support and making strategic policies with the foreign countries so that Pakistanis may live peacefully around the globe.