Pakistani Bowler sets a new record by taking 10 wickets in a single inning

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Long discussions over the pool of talent in Pakistan are observed on TV channels. News, talk shows and reality television, all gloriously discuss the prevalence of superfluous amount of talent among the youth of Pakistan. While many experts defend the aptitude of our youngsters, there are still many critics who see things differently, arguing that we might have a large influx of youth in Pakistan but majority of that young blood is lethargic and lack intelligence. Asad Raza, a young boy from Faisalabad is standing up against all that negativity and proving to those pessimistic critics that the blood and sweat of Pakistan’s youth is up running and in high spirits.

A teenage domestic cricket player, Asad Raza from Faisalabad, left everyone in awe when he set up a new record by scoring 10 wickets in a single inning. Recently, a 3-day inter-region under-19 cricket match series by Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) was held at Niaz Stadium Hyderabad. On 26th September, Faisalabad U-19 team played against the host Hyderabad U-19 cricket team.

The host Hyderabad U-19 team managed to win the toss and opted to bowl first. Faisalabad team owned the cricket field as soon as they set foot on it, scoring a total of 346 runs. This glorious score was achieved because of outstanding performance of Abdus-Samad and Muhammad Shahid as they marked a century.

The second half of the match was as spectacular as the first one. Hyderabad U-19 team crumbled in the very beginning when Asad Raza swooped in the ground and scored a hat-trick in the very first over. No matter how well Hyderabadi players played after that, there was no coming back from such a strike by Asad Raza.

The pacer, Asad Raza, did not stop at his hat-trick. He outperformed every other player, giving no other bowler a chance to come play in the field after him. He crushed the entire Hyderabad team scoring all 10 wickets to himself. Hyderabad U-19 team crawled through the match, scoring only a total of 81 runs.

The second inning then started and Asad Raza along with his audacious Faisalabad team continued on reigning over the host Hyderabad team. The fast bowling pacer, Asad Raza, sent another four players to pavilion, accounting for a net 14 wickets in the series.

Fulfilling the expectations of the cricket board members and the viewers, Hyderabad team could not stand against this rising star in bowling and managed to make a score of only 156 runs. Faisalabad U-19 team won the match by 109 runs and received endless praise from the cricket community.

Asad Raza stamped his mark in the cricket industry by setting up a record of 10 wickets in a single inning and his overall exceptional performance in fast bowling. He may be new to the world of cricket but his performance proved otherwise. His exceptional bowling skills have brought him in the limelight and by the looks of it, he might enjoy this grandeur for a very long time.