Student Organization launches a global campaign to promote peace and justice

Right2Peace Campaign


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2700 BCE, the year when the first war was recorded between Sumer and Elam. From 2700 BCE to 2016 CE, conflicts, wars and violence have been breeding in the heart of hatred. We stand in an era where acts of inflicting pain and suffering are treated as a matter of politics rather than humanity. From injustices done to black people to slitting throats of children in Palestine, raping Latina minority to destroying Iraq and from shelling in Kashmir to bombings in Syria; antagonism and hate speech is promoted everywhere. Little or no effort is being made into putting an end to such vicious agendas.

In a world of chaos where violence and war are promptly allowed and inflicted upon innocent souls for the sake of mere business and power, a small group of Pakistani youngsters is spreading the message of peace, harmony and fraternity. Torchbearers of international peace joined hands across Pakistan for a greater cause, a small step taken in the right direction.

Right2Peace is a nationwide campaign led by the students, lawyers and activists under the umbrella of Network of International Law Students (NILS) Pakistan Chapter. NILS is a non-profit, non-political international organization with the vision of gathering law students from around the globe and giving them a common platform to address law and justice issues on a larger scale. NILS has spread its wings across Europe, Africa and Asia and is now making efforts to take in Pakistan as well.

The campaign dwells on social media with the hashtag #Right2Peace combined with a hopeful message of peace and a welcoming face from Pakistan’s youth. Students, lawyers and activists are holding banners with messages of love, peace and amity. Anti-hatred and anti-war sentiments are being spread by waving photo-messages on mass media.

Peace ambassadors from Pakistan are visiting institutes, in an attempt to spread the message of international peace and harmony. Including students of Lahore Grammar School and University College Lahore, the campaign has touched students of all ages and subjects. Students actively participated in the project and gave inspiring messages of peace like

Peace is caring, war is perspiring.

The photo-campaign is trending on social media and catching the attention of many. More people are now viewing peace from a new perspective and realizing that peace is every individual’s right, no matter what color, race or religion, one must have it. A peace ambassador, Anam Bangash, while sharing her experience said that,

For them the most interesting and unique aspect was the fact that peace is usually not seen as a fundamental human right and that is exactly what we are trying to promote through this initiative.

A small step can go a long way in making this planet a better place to live in. Right2Peace by Pakistan’s Ambassadors of Network of International Law Students is just that type of ingenuity that can lead to global peace and mutual understanding and respect among all the continents. If initiatives like this are endorsed then soon a time will come when the world will shun war and terror and witness happiness, serenity and peace everywhere. And who knows, perhaps we might even witness a unicorn.