Sikh leader seeks Pakistan’s help against India for an independent state

Sikh Protesting


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At a time when India and Pakistan are tossing around blames for atrocities in Kashmir, it is bad luck for India that the fed up Sikh community with their Khalistan movement rises once again. Khalistan movement is a liberation movement by the Sikh community of India, demanding separation of Punjab to form a separate homeland for Sikhs called Khalistan (The Land of the Pure).

Sikh leader Dr. Amarjit Singh reaches out to Pakistan to extend support to the Sikh community, against the government of India, in making of Khalistan. He blamed India for suppressing the Sikhs and depriving them of their rights. Chief of Khalistan Movement sought out to Pakistan in extending her diplomatic support to the Sikh community in India so that they may free themselves from the repression and state terrorism of India. In words of Dr. Amarjit Singh:

Pakistan ought to support Khalistan cause as they did for Kashmir cause.

All minorities are vulnerable under the government of India, declared the Sikh leader. He extended this sentiment by quoting atrocities of India in Kashmir. Giving his verdict on the recent Uri attack, Amarjit Singh stated that India has been committing ferocious acts of tyranny on the innocent people of Kashmir. According to him, India is only accusing Pakistan of terror attacks in order to conceal its state terrorism in Kashmir and distract the international community from its vicious agenda. He further revealed the barbarity of Indian government saying that India has worked on this same pattern before to silence the liberators.

In March 2000, 35 Sikhs were shot and killed in Anantnag district of Indian occupied Kashmir, right before the arrival of the then US President Bill Clinton in order to suppress the voice of Sikh liberals of Khalistan Movement. India falsely accused Paksistan’s Lashkar-e-Toiba for the massive killing and spree shooting. He continued on injustices by Indian government saying:

India has always inflicted harm upon the Sikhs.

Adding to the list of mayhems by India, the allegiant Sikh leader reminded of the anti-Sikh riots that spurred in the country after the death of Indra Gandhi by the hands her Sikh bodyguard. About 8000 innocent Sikh citizens were burned to death for the sake of revenge.

When asked about the Indian claims over the Baluchistan separation movement, Dr. Amarjit Singh revealed that India has been mingling in the Baluchistan issue and causing turmoil among Baluchi liberal groups and Pakistan government. Claiming the Indian intervention in Pakistan, Amarjit Singh said:

India has deployed fraudulent make-believe Baluch leaders

Questions arise on Indian policies and efforts on separating Baluchistan from Pakistan when such statements are given by influential Indian leadership like the Sikh community leader. Allegations of India against Pakistan over the Baluchistan issue seems dubious after this.

Dr. Amarjit Singh indicated that Pakistan has always supported Sikh community but now Pakistan should fully come forward without any pretense. Sikh community does not demand any fiscal or militant support but strong diplomatic sustenance is required by Pakistan. He assured his confidence in Pakistan saying:

If Pakistan helps us, we can make Khalistan.