Thousands of Indian Soldiers applied for Leave amid Pakistan-India Crisis

Indian Army Soldiers


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Tensions have escalated along the volatile border shared by India and Pakistan in the past few days after Pakistani Prime Minister has made a strong statement in UN General Assembly and the recent Uri attack.

While the Modi government is already well known for its aggressive stances and mindless actions, the Indian media has also moved a step forward. One of the Indian analysts suggested that India should block the water supplies to Pakistan and immediately abandon all treaties with Pakistan

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Another Indian news website Z News made a comprehensive comparison between India’s Rafale and Pakistan’s F-16. Such news reports clearly indicate Indian media’s belligerent ideology which may lead to lethal effects in the future.

The increasing tension between the two countries has alarmed the Indian army as well. According to Hindustan Times over 40,000 soldiers have forwarded the request for leave. The Nation also reported that over 9000 soldiers of the Indian army have applied for sick leave after artillery was moved towards the line of control.

The ambience has become considerably hostile after the Uri attack for which India allegedly blames Pakistan. The attack resulted in the death of 18 Indian soldiers.

Four gunmen entered the Indian army brigade headquarter in Uri, Kashmir on Sunday. India claims that the gunmen belonged to Jaishe E Muhammad, a terrorist group belonging to Pakistan. Subsequently holding Pakistan responsible for the attack, However, Pakistani officials have denied all such allegations.

Prime Minister Modi blatantly accused Pakistan for the attack, in one of the reports published in Hindustan Times, Modi quoted,

Pakistan’s rulers should know that the sacrifice of our 18 soldiers will not go to waste. India exports software, your rulers export terrorism

Bhartiya Jannta Party Secretary General Ram Madhav recently posted, “for one tooth, complete jaw” such disproportionate stances reflect the ideology of the Indian government which is clearly in a mood to create further rift and not settle issues for a better tomorrow.

Dawn News reported that Indian Army Chief, General Dalbir Singh stated on Tuesday, India is prepared to face offensive military action on its borders and any future action might be swift and short. Dawn News also stated,

The army chief accused Pakistan of employing “new methods to create unrest in Jammu and Kashmir” and said “the recent instances of terrorist violence are clear pointers to extend this arc of violence to other areas”

Since partition, both South Asian Nations have fought four wars including one undeclared war. The Kashmir issue has served as one of the major causes for skirmishes between both the nations.

Despite the hostile past, it is important to note that both nations possess nuclear capability. Any action by one party could indirectly threaten the stability of the entire region. In such situation, it would be cumbersome to reach a compromise.